Career information for consultant paediatricians

Information on the role of the consultant paediatrician, advice on how to become a consultant paediatrician and guidance on career opportunities.

What is a consultant paediatrician?

A consultant paediatrician is someone who has successfully completed a training programme in paediatrics and has gained entry to the GMC specialist register. Currently the entry point to the specialist register in paediatrics is by successfully gaining a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), a Certificate of Eligibility for the Specialist Register Combined Programme (CESR (CP)), or a Certificate of Eligibility for the Specialist Register (CESR).

How to become a consultant paediatrician

Read further information about entry to the paediatric training programme leading to CCT and appointment to the specialist register, or application to the specialist register via the CESR route

Career opportunities in the consultant grade

A range of career opportunities are available to consultant paediatricians as demonstrated by the career profiles from consultants.  These demonstrate the wide range of career paths a consultant paediatrician can follow, however having a well developed understanding of personal strengths and interests, as well as being aware of all the opportunities that are available, is vital.

RCPCH also offers 1-1 careers guidance to consultants who are members of the College.

Opportunities for career development include:

• Further development of specialty-specific skills, including via the RCPCH SPIN modules (nb entry on the GMC Specialist Register as a subspecialist can only be achieved via the RCPCH NTN GRID training programme pre-CCT)

• Undertaking additional roles as part of an existing consultant role, for example:

  • Educational and/or Clinical Supervisor
  • Researcher
  • College Tutor
  • Appraiser
  • Regional Lead
  • Management role e.g. medical director, clinical director (log in required), clinical service lead
  • Medical education e.g. Associate postgraduate or undergraduate dean, undergraduate or postgraduate lecturer, Director of Medical Education, APL instructor/course director
  • Clinical Academic incl CAG lead
  • Head of School/Training Programme Director
  • NCAS Assessor
  • Invited Reviewer

Further information on career grade appointment procedures can be found in the RCPCH Paediatricians Handbook (login required).

Getting your first consultant post is a key milestone in a paediatric career, and the first few years as a new consultant bring further opportunities for development and growth.

Consultants should also refer to the career development section for further opportunities and ideas.