Career information for specialty trainees in paediatrics

Careers advice and guidance related to progression through the specialty training programme is provided at local level by eg LETBs/deaneries and paediatric specialty schools.

Specific individuals who can provide paediatric specialty trainees with careers support include:

  • Heads of specialty Schools
  • Training Programme Directors
  • Educational Supervisors
  • Staff within LETBs e.g. LETB career development units
  • Regional Advisors
  • Academic Regional Advisors

RCPCH information

RCPCH can provide you with specific guidance in relation to recruitment into sub-specialty training via the NTN GRID scheme.

We also provide information on accessing SPIN modules both pre and post CCT.

Specific information about the paediatric postgraduate training pathway is also on our website.

A number of career grade paediatrician career profiles also illustrate the breadth and depth of a paediatric career.

When you are near the end of your training, looking at the career opportunities available to consultants is key to developing a varied and fulfilling career.