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 We are always working on exciting initiatives to support paediatric career progression and improve care and services. We welcome your ideas and participation. 

Projects in development

Cleft and Lip Palate eLearning

Following on from the successful Evening of Evidence on Cleft and Lip Palate, the RCPCH is developing an eLearning resource aimed at improving paediatricians’ skill and confidence in dealing with such cases. Created by leading experts in the field, this module will provide recommendations to health care professionals for optimal examination of the palate during the routine newborn examination to ensure early detection of a cleft palate. It will also focus on the recognition of varying presentations of cleft palate in newborns and how to apply best practice guidelines to your clinical practice. The lectures at the Evening of Evidence were filmed and have been edited to include both the speaker and the presentation slides. Key sections of these talks will make up part of the eLearning resource and will also be included in their entirety to accompany the eLearning. This product will be launched in late 2016.

For more information contact Project Manager, Ian O'Donoghue:

Spotting the Sick Child

This popular and highly successful online learning tool was updated and relaunched in July 2016. SSC now contains over 5 hours of clinical footage of real patients, all videos have been repurposed in high definition and the site is fully compatible with all mobiles and tablets. Learning pointers have also been added to the videos to help users focus on key themes. Users will learn how to assess 7 common symptoms: difficulty in breathing; fever; rash; fits; dehydration; abdominal pain; and head injury. In addition, the website has been given a complete overhaul and user navigation has been greatly improved. The RCPCH expects this resource to continue providing free, high quality learning to all healthcare professionals for years to come.

For more information contact Project Manager, Ian O'Donoghue:

Quality Improvement and Clinical Audit eLearning

A brand new eLearning module on quality improvement and clinical audit is currently being written by RCPCH clinicians with a wealth of experience. The module will be launched late in 2016 and users will be able to access the module free of charge through the RCPCH learning management system, Compass. This module will focus on various aspects of both QI and clinical audit, including PSDA, process mapping, outcome measures and a plethora of links and resources aimed at all healthcare professionals with an interest in this field.

For more information contact Project Manager, Ian O'Donoghue:

MindEd Stage 4 Development

Building on the success of previous Stages, the MindEd development team have been commissioned to deliver e-learning in support of a new Psychopharmacology curriculum, defined as part of the CYP IAPT programme. This new curriculum, intended for Psychologists and other mental health professionals, provides training in Combined Therapies, where drug therapy and talking therapy work in tandem. The MindEd development aims to deliver around 6 new courses, each one comprising 3 or 4 e-learning sessions. As before, collaboration between service users, i.e. parents and young people, and professionals is built into the development process. The project started in May 2016 and aims to deliver in the Spring of 2017.

For more information contact

Disability Matters - New Sessions

Disability Matters has recently received funding to develop additional resources to support disabled young adults find work within the NHS. These resources will complement and build on our existing curriculum for working with children and young people, and offer HR teams, managers and staff a stronger focus on the issues specific to disabled young adults transitioning from education and the many ways the NHS can support their inclusion as valued members of the workplace.

If you are interested in being part of the scoping phase (which runs until mid Oct 2016) please email

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