RCPCH endorsement of education programmes

Young girl jumping up out of swimming pool‘Endorsed by RCPCH’ shows that the RCPCH recognises that your education programme meets our quality standards (and criteria). It also shows that the RCPCH has formally agreed to support your product.

Quality review by the RCPCH is essential to assure that the RCPCH Endorsement brand is only associated with high quality content and delivery.

RCPCH Endorsement allows

  • Use of RCPCH Endorsement brand when promoting your programme
  • Publicity quote from senior College Officer
  • Promotion of your programme on the RCPCH endorsed courses webpage and in the CPD diary (where relevant)
  • Listing in both the RCPCH eBulletin and the Events & Courses eBulletin
  • Promotional Tweets via #RCPCH
  • Use of RCPCH statement conferring endorsement

How to apply for endorsement

  1. Read the application guidance and fees (PDF, 2.04MB, 9 pages)
  2. Complete the application form (PDF, 846KB, 5 pages), and return with all relevant evidence to the Governance Team at governance@rcpch.ac.uk
  3. An expert panel will review the documents/evidence, and their responses will be considered by the Education & Training Quality Committee
  4. Reviews will be carried out under the confidentiality terms
  5. Written feedback will be provided to the requester by the RCPCH

Review panel

Our reviewers are asked to ensure that programmes support quality healthcare education and practice.

The review panel will assess the information you provide against RCPCH standards:

  • The programme is conducted by a reputable provider and professionally delivered
  • The programme reflects appropriate principles of education programme design
  • The programme is adequately resourced and managed
  • Formal arrangements are established for the evaluation of the programme

See our current endorsed courses.


If you have any queries, please contact the Governance Team at governance@rcpch.ac.uk