CPD approval of live educational activities

This page outlines the process of gaining RCPCH CPD approval for live educational activities.

Please note changes to the CPD Approval Guidelines as of 1 September 2016. All organisers are encouraged to read the revised guideline document below when submitting an application for CPD Approval.

CPD approval guidelines

Read our CPD approval guidelines (PDF, 149.17 KB, 13 pages) carefully. This document sets out the approval process, fees involved, organiser's responsibilities, and other terms and conditions.

Required information

Please submit the following no later than six weeks before the activity via email to cpd@rcpch.ac.uk.

1) Application form

The application form must be completed in full. Please ensure that:

  • Names/addresses are stated in full
  • If the event is sponsored, all associated organisations are listed

Download application form (PDF, 538.12 KB, 3 pages)

Note: if the .pdf form does not open in your browser, right-click on it and select an option to save it to your computer. You must have an Adobe Reader to use this document. Alternatively, download a Word format of the application form (Word, 21.84KB, 3 pages)

2) Programme

The programme must include:

  • Title of the event/activity
  • Date and venue information
  • The schedule for the event, including start and end timings for each session and registration/breaks/lunch etc.
  • The position/qualification and base location (hospital and area etc.) for each of the speakers/facilitators/chairs for each session. This can be appended to the programme document if integrating the information into the programme itself affects the formatting.
  • The teaching methods, e.g. workshop, plenary
  • The target audience for the event
  • Key aims and objectives

Download example programme (Word, 82 KB, 2 pages) - note that this is an example of required information and your programme does not need to follow this layout/format.

3) Evaluation form

Organisers must provide a copy of the evaluation form that will be distributed to participants/attendees after the event. Organisers must ensure that the following information and key evaluation question are included on the form:

  • Title of the event/activity
  • Date and venue information
  • Organiser contact details
  • Question relating to fulfilment of learning aims/objectives of the course
  • Was there any bias or conflict of interest evident in the course?
  • Question relating to speaker/facilitator knowledge and delivery

Download sample evaluation form (Word, 52 KB, 2 pages)

Download sample attendance register form (Word, 41.5 KB, 1 page)
Please note that a copy of the attendance register is not required to be sent to the RCPCH for the purposes of the CPD Approval process.

Download checklist (PDF, 209.31 KB, 2 pages) of the points above 

Please ensure that the application form, the finalised programme and the evaluation form contain identical information, e.g. title, date and venue info is the same across these documents and that activity-dedicated webpages, if available, contains same information as the approval application documents.

Types of activities and associated approval fees

• Commercial organiser, sponsor or pharmaceutical company* -  £375
• Non-commercial organisation with income stream* -  £36
• Non-commercial organisation with no income stream - no charge

*Please see p6 of CPD Approval Guidelines for details.

CPD Approval late fees from 1st September 2017

We require all initial CPD Approval applications to be submitted at least six weeks prior to the event. As of 1st September 2017, we will be introducing a late-fee for any initial commercial applications received 21 calendar days or less before the scheduled date of the event and any initial non-commercial applications recieved 10 calendar days or less before the scheduled date of the event.

We would therefore strongly encourage you to ensure that applications are submitted in sufficient time to avoid incurring late fee charges.

Late fee charges will be applied as follows:

Type of organisation
Definition of late receipt of application
Late Fee
(in addition to approval service fee)
Total amount payable
Commercial/for-profit organisation; pharmaceutical company
  Initial application received 21 calendar days or lessbefore the scheduled event date   £375.00   £750.00
Non-commercial organisation with income stream
  Initial applications received 10 calendar days or lessbefore the scheduled event date   £36.00   £72.00
Non-commercial organisation with no income stream
  Initial applications received 10 calendar days or lessbefore the scheduled event date   £36.00   £36.00

The above fees are per approval for a single educational activity. The fees are subject to change without notice.

The RCPCH CPD approval process is in line with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges standards and criteria for CPD activities framework guidance

Disclaimer for CPD approval

It is the responsibility of the individual course participant to make a professional judgement about the relevance, quality and appropriateness of RCPCH CPD approved courses for their own learning and CPD. RCPCH CPD approval does not imply an in-depth quality review of course content or speaker expertise. It  does ensure course programmes include clear aims and objectives, faculty and presenter information, defined learning content and a suitable evaluation process.