Approval of Distance Learning, including e-learning

This page outlines the process of gaining RCPCH CPD approval for distance learning (DL) activities.

CPD approval of DL guidelines

Read our guidelines for providers (PDF, 130 KB, 7 pages) carefully. This document sets out the approval process, fees involved, provider's responsibilities, wording to be used, and other terms and conditions. 


Please submit a completed CPD Approval application form for eLearning (MS Doc, 272 KB, 3 pages) eight weeks prior to the planned launch / prior to inclusion of RCPCH approval on all relevant materials to

Massive open online courses and free online access medical education

MOOCs (massive open online courses) including FOAM (free online access meducation) are becoming more popular as they are free, readily accessible and provide a range of interactive activities including user forums that can help build a learning community. The RCPCH recognises that the quality of these courses varies considerably and the learner should consider the educational value to their own learning & development. When using MOOCs (or any online course) for CPD purposes the RCPCH suggests the following

MOOCs may contribute to ‘personal’ CPD. Alternatively, when incorporated within interactive group learning, ‘internal’ or ‘external’ categories may be more appropriate. Broadly, 1 hour of learning from a MOOC equates to 1 credit, however credits should be claimed based on personal reflection on learning value and application to practice.

Applications for RCPCH CPD approval of MOOCs will be considered for resources with up to 10 hours of learning content. See distance learning approval guidelines for providers above for further details on the application process and fees.


If you have any queries about our CPD approval processes please contact us on or on 0207 092 6107.

Disclaimer for CPD approval

It is the responsibility of the individual course participant to make a professional judgement about the relevance, quality and appropriateness of RCPCH CPD approved courses for their own learning and CPD. RCPCH CPD approval does not imply an in-depth quality review of course content or speaker expertise. It  does ensure course programmes include clear aims and objectives, faculty and presenter information, defined learning content and a suitable evaluation process.