CPD scheme registration

Information about the RCPCH CPD scheme, how to register with the scheme (including renewal arrangements for non-members of the College) and options for sharing information held within the diary with other systems.

The RCPCH CPD scheme

Our CPD scheme provides paediatricians with a framework for assessing their educational needs and identifying and planning appropriate learning activities on a continuous basis, within the context of their Professional Development Plan and in line with RCPCH guidance. The scheme is consistent with Academy of Medical Royal Colleges guidance and helps members ensure they are meeting GMC requirements for revalidation and CPD. 

Scheme participants have access to our online CPD diary, providing a user-friendly and intuitive way to maintain an up-to-date record of CPD activities with the College. We have also recently launched a mobile-enhanced web app to assist with accessing the diary to add new events and/or reflections wherever and whenever it suits.   You can register for the scheme online.  

All non-training grade paediatricians should consider participation in a CPD scheme, and the College strongly recommends registration with the RCPCH scheme. You can register for the scheme online.

  You caIndividuals may, however, choose to participate in the scheme of another Royal College or Faculty if they feel that this is more appropriate to their professional requirements. So that we can keep our records up-to-date, please inform us at cpd@rcpch.ac.uk where this is the case.

 You can register for the scheme online. You can register for the scheme online. You can register for the scheme online. You can register for the scheme online.  You You can register for the scheme online.Members and fellows may wish to note that confirmation that they are participating in revalidation and CPD to the level required by the GMC is one of the criteria for being in Good Standing with the College: RCPCH Good Standing 2014 (PDF, 317KB, 2 pages). 

Registering for the scheme and diary

Follow the steps below to register for, or renew your participation in, the RCPCH CPD scheme. Further information about the CPD Diary, user guides and information about the CPD web app are also availabe on our resources page.

Registering - members of the RCPCH 

  • Once your registration has been processed, we will activate your account and email you the login details
  • Participation in the RCPCH CPD scheme is free to members and fellows of the College
  • If you are already participating in the CPD scheme but have never used your diary online before, please email the CPD team with your GMC number and the email address to which you would like your password sent. 

Registering - non-members of the RCPCH

  • Register for an online CPD account (please ensure you select RCPCH Non Member)
  • Once your registration has been processed, you will be sent an email and prompted to pay the scheme fee online with a credit or debit card
  • An annual fee of £205 (inclusive of booking fee) applies to doctors who are not members of the College wishing to participate
  • The annual fee also applies retrospectively if you wish to record CPD activities for previous years
  • If you have any questions about registration, please email the CPD team.

Already registered?

Either sign in to the RCPCH website with your RCPCH number and RCPCH website password, then go to the CPD Diary via the quick link in your dashboard, or via the RCPCH website quick links on the left hand navigation where you will automatically be logged in. (This uses single sign on route.)

Or go to the CPD Diary and sign in with your GMC number and CPD Diary password. (This is for those who aren't registered for the RCPCH website, or for when single sign on is not working.)

Non-member renewal fee - instructions

Follow the step-by-step guide below to pay your annual subscription fee for the online CPD diary and web app. Once your account expires you will be taken straight through to renewal confirmation screen - you should then refer to the instructions pdf, page 2 onwards.

RCPCH online CPD renewal fee instructions (PDF, 1.3MB, 6 pages)

Please visit the Member Services section for information on various membership types, subscriptions and how to apply if you are considering joining the College.

Sharing information between the CPD scheme diary and other systems

The College’s CPD scheme and diary is well-used by career grade members and non-members, and this has increased further as revalidation becomes established. We also recognise, however, that a number of employing organisations require doctors to use local systems to record revalidation and appraisal information, including CPD. There is currently no single system available across the UK.

To ensure the College supports all of its members, the CPD diary (and web app) is set up to allow users to download essential CPD information (a detailed summary of activities and reflection, a quick CPD certificate summary of credits, a personal development plan) quickly, so that it can be shared in paper format or uploaded to an alternative online appraisal and revalidation system of their choosing.

Members who are asked to use local systems only to record CPD can contact the CPD team for advice on how best to manage this at cpd@rcpch.ac.uk.