Medical Training Initiative (Paediatrics)

Our MTI(p) scheme enables non-UK/EEA paediatricians, with MRCPCH or other postgraduate qualifications, to undertake high quality postgraduate training in paediatrics for a maximum of 24 months, before returning to work in their home countries. Find out more about the benefits and read testimonials.

What are the benefits to candidates?

International Fellows on the MTI(p) scheme work in an RCPCH-approved clinical setting, exposing them not only to the specified area of paediatrics but also to child protection, safe prescribing and medico-legal practice.

We encourage Fellows to engage in reflective practice and coaching/mentoring.

The scheme provide Fellows with the opportunity to enhance and develop skills across a range of areas including leadership and management, developing guidelines, conducting audit and research and understanding of clinical governance. The main focus is to work in an environment with a patient-centered approach.

The College is committed to providing a training opportunity that benefits the Fellow, their home country and the NHS units in which they will be working.

What type of posts are offered?

Posts are offered at a 'middle grade' level, equivalent in standard to Level 2 of the UK ST training curricula. After a period of three to six months induction at a more junior levels, it is expected that candidates will progress sufficiently to spend the remaining 18-21 months working at a more senior level.


The College offers two application routes for this scheme:

Testimonials from MTI Fellows

"It is amazing the help I am recieving since the day I started my training as a MTI Doctor. My Educational Supervisor guides me and provides with support in every aspect from educational/ clinical point of view to personal including finding an accommodation. All the Consultants are very nice and I am very happy about my Colleagues with whom I am working at present. I have got the opportunity to work in multicultural environment which I really enjoyed. Our Human Resources department is also very supportive. (...) I have never felt helpless even at the beginning of my training since I knew the RCPCH is standing behind me to support (...) This is a very useful time and helped me to improve my current theory knowledge, clinical skills, management skills and personal development. Since I got the opportunity to work in a standard setting of delivering care to children, I can take lots of things back to improve the paediatric care in Sri Lanka"

 - MTI Fellow - August 2016

"I was welcomed warmly by the entire Neonatal team.My consultants took a personal interest in getting to know me, familiarising me with unit procedures and protocols, enquiring about my general well being and life outside of work.My junior doctor and nurse practitioner colleagues were very kind at showing me the ropes and supporting me during the period of transition into a new work environment. They were also very ready to share experiences and practices which I had from my training in India. My neonatal nursing colleagues were very patient with me when I was new and tried their best to adapt to my different background and training eperiences. Although it took a while to win their trust,I now have a treasured and valued relationship with them."

"I have been extensively supported by my educational supervisor from the start of my job.He made sure I was introduced gradually to the responsibilities of the job and ensured that I was comfortable at all times.He was also readily available to discuss problems and challenging experiences at work. He helped me design an educational program specific to my career interest and ambitions and achieve targets accordingly.He has been a mentor and encouraged holistic growth by ensuring my participation in various activities both in and out of work. He encouraged me to develop management and leadership potential and has helped me mentor my successor MTIs . He has been extremely helpful and provided ample guidance and knowledge on UK culture, practices and procedures both in workplace and out of work."

"The RCPCH has also been very supportive throughout from my selection to the programme. They have constantly been in touch via emails assisting with initiation paperwork and formalities. The RCPCH eportfolio is an invaluable resource and has helped me keep track of my skills and experiences .It has also encouraged me to participate in training and assessing colleagues and juniors. I have received interim emails from the RCPCH enquiring about my progress and offering to help with any problems. I was also honoured to be invited  by the RCPCH as a speaker to share my MTI experiences with other new MTI fellows in the annual conference this year."

"I have been very satisfied with my 2year MTI experience. It has helped me adapt to working in a different culture. I have gained immense experience in communication skills and patient interaction. I have consolidated my competencies in practical procedures and clinical judgement. I was also encouraged to develop management and leadership potential.  I have had good opportunities to participate in research and audits. I have been able to acquire additional training in the form of courses and workshops relevant to my career.  I was encouraged to supervise and mentor junior colleagues and have actively participated in training of medical and nursing colleagues.

Overall it has met and exceeded my expectations. I have gained confidence and independence in clinical practice which will help me immensely in resuming consultancy in India."

- MTI Fellow – August 2016

"Overall it was a very good experience.

The HR from the trust was very helpful to organize the necessary for me to start work as soon as possible.

I worked very closely with my educational supervisor. I could actively participate in all aspects of in- and outpatient care with her supervision. I also had many opportunities for learning through discussions. Other educational opportunities included an audit on newborn screening, poster presentations and international conferences.

I also had the opportunity to participate in the metabolic laboratory and metabolic dietetic services. The staffs in these units were very helpful and I find the experience pleasant and very educational.

Working with other clinical colleagues in the Trust was not a problem for me."

 - MTI Fellow - August 2016


If you have any questions about the scheme, or would like to register your interest for the future, please contact