RCPCH Progress (2018 Curriculum)

RCPCH Progress (2018 curriculum)

This section provides an update on the review of the curriculum and also information on the structure and implementation of the 2018 curriculum.

What makes a great paediatrician?

This is the key question we have been asking when reviewing the paediatric training curriculum. Consulting with trainees, consultants, children and young people, parents and carers, employers and other professionals, we are currently redeveloping the curricula for General Paediatrics and the sub-specialties to create a framework that ensures trainees develop the full range of skills and knowledge required in their day to day work and for progressing to a specialist consultant post.

The new curriculum will move away from the current ‘tick box’ list of competences, which have been replaced by 11 Learning Outcomes for each training level. These are based on the GMC’s Generic Professional Capabilities, helping trainees develop their knowledge and skills across all key areas of practice. A supporting document (‘syllabus’) will give guidance on how the trainee can evidence each learning outcome, and will be far more flexible, allowing trainees to apply the curriculum to the context in which they are working. The emphasis will be on quality rather than quantity of evidence.

Pending approval from the GMC, the new curriculum, RCPCH Progress will be published in late 2017 ready for implementation in autumn 2018.

Early Adopters Programme

We are running an ‘Early Adopters’ scheme of the new curriculum throughout the 2017-18 training year.

As a participant, you will provide vital feedback to the RCPCH to ensure that the guidance and supporting information is user-friendly, and that e-Portfolio works smoothly with the new curriculum format. This assists refinement of all documents and systems before the curriculum launches for all trainees in 2018.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the curriculum being reviewed? What does it entail?

The current curriculum is approximately 10 years old and has not been reviewed for many years. It is a very onerous curriculum that is quite unwieldy for use. As a consequence, the way it is used is inconsistent. The current curriculum does not currently support best practice.

Due to the age of the curriculum, there is potential that it is out of date and not fit for contemporary paediatric practice. The curriculum review has been undertaken in a way that has been a ‘start from scratch’ approach.

2. How will this affect me?

The new curriculum will be based on a framework of capabilities and learning outcomes as opposed to the current list of competencies. Collecting evidence for an outcomes based curriculum will be very different from getting a competency signed off. This new approach will allow greater flexibility for you to demonstrate achievement.

3. What are the timescales?

The new curriculum will be presented to the GMC in the summer of 2017 for approval. If all goes to plan, it is intended that the new curriculum will be implemented from September 2018.

6. Why and how will this benefit me?

The new curriculum will be much more user friendly and will support you in your practice. It will allow you to focus on those areas of practice which are relevant to your working area, as opposed to getting a list of things ‘ticked off’.

7. How can I get involved if I am interested in helping?

You can contact the Curriculum team at the RCPCH: qualityandstandards@rcpch.ac.uk

The RCPCH Lead is Yvonne Savage, Quality and Standards Coordinator.