Health Education East of England

Contacts for your Local Education and Training Board (LETB) in Health Education East of England - including Head of School, Training Programme Director and Administrators - as well as your College's regional representatives.

Health Education East of England

Health Education East of England website

Medical schools in East of England

University of Cambridge

University of East Anglia

LETB contacts


Head of School: 

Dr Wilf Kelsall

Programme Directors: 

Dr Angela d'Amore (ST1-3)


Dr Andrea Turner (ST4-8)

LETB Administrator:

Susan Woodroffe (Specialties School Administrator, Secondary Care Team)

IPTS Champion:  

Dr Lakshman Raman

Principal Regional Examiner (PRE):

Dr Anupam Shrivastava

RCPCH contacts


Regional Lead:  

Dr Nisha Nathwani

Deputy Regional Lead:

Dr Vasanta Nanduri

Academic Regional Adviser: 

Dr Ken Ong

Trainee Representative:  

Dr Claire Mathews

LTFT (less than full time training) Adviser:   

Dr Anne Ingram

Regional General Paediatrics Training Adviser: