Health Education North West (North Western and Mersey)

Contacts for your Local Education and Training Board (LETB) in Health Education North West - including Head of School, Training Programme Directors and Administrators - as well as your College's regional representatives

Health Education North West

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Medical schools

Manchester (University of), Faculty of Medicine and Human Sciences

Liverpool (University of), Faculty of Medicine

LETB contacts

LTFT (less than full time) Training Advisers:

Dr Alison Jobling  (North Western) 

 Dr May Ng (Mersey) 

Regional General Paediatric Training Adviser

Dr Sameer Misra (North Western)

Vacant (Mersey)

Heads of School: 

 Dr Colin Morgan  
Programme Directors:   


Dr Ruth Gottstein (Northwestern)



Dr Guy Makin (Northwestern) 



Dr Ian Kilroy (Mersey) 



Dr Chris Dewhurst (Mersey)



 LETB Administrators: 


Emma Woods (North West)

(School Specialty Manager)


Caron Owens (North West)

School Leader


Jennie McAteer (Mersey)



Michelle Turner-Holmes (North Western)


ePortfolio Champion: 

 Dr Christopher Bedford (Mersey)

MTI Champions:  


Rabin Mohanty (North Western)

Dr Ruwan de Soysa  (Mersey)

Principal Regional Examiner (PRE):

Dr Bratati Bose-Haider (North Western)

Dr Nisar Mir (Mersey)

College contacts


Regional Leads: 

Dr Sunil Bagewadi (North Western)


Dr Ignatius Losa (Mersey)

Dr Rosaline Garr (Mersey Deputy)


Academic Regional Advisers:

Dr Calum Semple
Trainee Representative:

Dr Anna Mcnamara (North Western)

Dr Thomas Whitby (Mersey)