Health Education South West (Severn and Peninsula)

Contacts for your Local Education and Training Board (LETB) in Health Education South West (Severn and Peninsula) - including Head of School, Training Programme Directors and Administrators - as well as your College's regional representatives

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LETB contacts 

Head of School:   

Dr Russell Peek (Severn)

Dr Yadlapalli Kumar (Peninsula) 

Training Programme Director:   

Dr Hilary Maddicks (ST1-3) (Severn)

Dr Russell Peek (ST4-8) (Severn)

Dr David Bartle (ST1-3) (Peninsula)

Dr Giles Richardson (ST4-8) (Peninsula)


Deanery Administrator:  

Susan House (Education Programme Manager for Severn)

Joseph Campbell (Peninsula)

Charlotte Evans (Peninsula)

e-Portfolio Champion:  

Dr Rajesh Srikantaiah (Peninsula)

IPTS Champion: 

Dr Athimalaipet Ramanan (Severn)

Dr Yadlapalli Kumar (Peninsula)

Principal Regional Examiner (PRE):

Dr David Mabin

LTFT (less than full time) Training Adviser: 

Dr Marie Wheeler (Severn)

Dr Sian Ludman (Peninsula)

College contacts


Regional Leads:    

Dr Giles Richardson

  Dr Andrew Lux (Deputy)

Academic Regional Representative:

Prof Richard Coward

Trainee Representative:   


Dr Aless Glover (Severn)

Dr James Dearden (Peninsula)

Regional General Paediatrics Training Adviser:

Vacant (Severn)

Vacant (Peninsula)