Managing trainee requests for early CCT

In recognising that training is competency based, the RCPCH would like to clarify the circumstances in which a trainee can complete their training early.

Level 1

The earliest Level 1 training can be completed is 24 months if the trainee has clearly demonstrated that they have met the required competencies. 

This means that they must have:

  • passed their MRCPCH
  • completed the minimum number of assessments as stipulated in the table of assessments (see assessments section) including one Safeguarding CbD per training year, one HAT assessment and completed all mandatory DOPS.
  • completed an ePaedMSF for each training year.  


If trainees take between 30-36 months to complete Level 1 then they will need 3 ePaedMSF and 3 safeguarding CbDs in total for level 1. Trainees taking 24-30 months may also be required to complete 3 ePaedMSF and 3 safeguarding CbD in total for level 1 – this is at the discretion of their educational supervisor and LETB/deanery.

Level 2

Level 2 training can only be completed earlier than 24 months if all General Paediatrics, Neonates and CCH competencies are met and that this is documented in the trainers report clearly evidencing that all competencies have been met. 

It should be noted that it is rare for trainees to achieve all of their competencies in less than 24 months.

Level 3

Level 3 training can only be completed earlier under the following circumstances:

  1. Trainees should discuss their intention to complete their training early with their educational supervisor before their penultimate ARCP and this must be documented in the trainers report.
  2. Trainees should agree with their Educational Supervisor, CSAC Chair and Head of School to bring forward their CCT date and the date of their final ARCP, with at least one year's notice. For example, if aiming to complete a year early (end of ST7) the trainee must request this in the ST6 ARCP.

In addition to this trainees must be able demonstrate that they have:

  • met the required curriculum competencies for General Paediatrics and where applicable sub-specialty curriculum competencies as agreed with their Educational Supervisor and where applicable the relevant CSAC are also in agreement.
  • completed the START Assessment and have addressed all of the areas identified as needing development
  • completed the minimum numbers of assessments as determined by the table of assessments (see assessment section)
  • addressed all items identified in their PDP related to their training and which require completion
  • satisfactory trainers reports and CSAC progression forms (where applicable) which clearly demonstrate that the trainee has met the required competencies at every level.

Again, although competency based, trainees are unlikely to meet all of the requirements for Level 3 training in less than 36 months with the average time taken by trainees being 34-36 months.

Where possible, it is highly recommended that a trainee undertakes a period of acting up before they complete their training as this will support their transition to Consultant.

It should be noted that once a trainee has brought forward their CCT date and the date of their final ARCP, and have an outcome 6 they will be unable to go back into training as the trainee is deemed to have completed their training.

The final decision regarding a trainee wishing to finish their training early rests with the Head of School at the final ARCP meeting.