Fixed Term Specialty Training Appointments (FTSTA)

FTSTAs offer formal, approved paediatric training, usually for one year. These are normally, but not always, in the early years (ST1-3) of the paediatric curriculum. 


The RCPCH usually manages appointments to FTSTAs. These generally use the same UK recruitment process as for run-through training. In some cases, LETBs / deaneries will recruit to these positions locally.

Like those in run-through training, doctors appointed to FTSTAs will need to apply for membership and training at RCPCH, and to use ePortfolio. However, they are not allocated a National Training Number (NTN). 

If a paediatric trainee cannot progress beyond ST3 because of an incomplete MRCPCH, they may be placed in an FTSTA position until they achieve MRCPCH.

Length of training

FTSTAs are fixed-term appointments, normally of up to one year.

If the doctor is unable to secure a run-through training position after the first year, subsequent years may be accredited, providing the post is not made up of short term posts. The training in year two is complemented by, rather than duplicated by, the training provided in year one. 

Doctors are generally discouraged - though cannot be prevented - from undertaking more than two years in FTSTAs in a given specialty.

A doctor cannot obtain a CCT (certificate of completion of training) with only FTSTA appointments. 

At the end of each FTSTA, trainees participate in the Annual Review of Competence Process (ARCP) and receive the appropriate annual assessment outcome documentation. Doctor who undertake an FTSTA are responsible to retain copies of their ARCP outcomes as evidence of their competences.

Upon a successful completion of a FTSTA, a doctor may apply to join the main run-through paediatric training programme and be able to do so at a level higher than ST1.