Locum Appointed for Training Posts (LAT)

The LAT post must be an approved specialty training post, with the appointment made according to the specialty person specification in open and fair competition. The LAT post should be equivalent to a training post within a full specialty programme, with the exception of limited tenure.

Trainees may have training undertaken in a LAT post credited towards their CCT or CESR CP (certification) in paediatrics. The following guidance sets out the circumstances where approval can be claimed and the procedure to be followed.


From September 2011, a doctor in a LAT post must be registered with the RCPCH before the finish date of the post in order for the post to count towards specialty training. For ST trainees this is to enable access to RCPCH ePortfolio to demonstrate attainment of required competences.

Retrospective approval for LAT posts to contribute towards CCT that have been undertaken previously will not be granted from October 2011 onwards. For LAT posts which have already been completed, but for which approval has not yet been sought, approval for contribution to CCT must be applied for by 30 September 2011, through completing the appropriate form and sending in together with an accompanying educational supervisor report or ARCP/RITA and CV.  

Withdrawal of LAT posts in England

The number of LATs appointed in 2015 has significantly decreased in comparison with previous years. As a result, Health Education England has recommended that LAT posts should cease in England from 1 January 2016. Existing LAT training offers made in 2015 will continue until cessation of intital appointment.

At present this does not affect LAT posts in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Length of posts

By definition, a LAT post must be a minimum of three months. On occasions, a trainee working in a LAT post may not complete this time before acquiring a numbered post or further LAT appointment.

Under these circumstances, a period of less than three months worked in a LAT post will not count towards training unless it is seamlessly (ie no delay between exiting LAT and commencing new post) linked to an appointment to an approved post with a NTN, or another LAT post in the same deanery and programme.

Three to six months

As of September 2011, approved and registered LAT posts of three months or more will automatically count towards training where satisfactory progress is confirmed or unless otherwise notified by the host deanery.

For any LAT post of less than six months an educational supervisor report confirming satisfactory progress must accompany the request for approval of the LAT post.

Six to twelve months

For any LAT post of between 6 and 12 months duration which has not coincided with an ARCP in the host deanery, a trainers report confirming satisfactory progression must accompany the request for approval of the LAT post.

For any LAT post of 12 months duration, an ARCP outcome 7.1 from the host deanery must be submitted in order to demonstrate progression against the curriculum. 

Over twelve months

In accordance with the Gold Guide, more than 12 months of LAT can be counted towards training as long as appropriate progression against the curriculum is confirmed with an ARCP for each 12 months of training undertaken. The RCPCH will approve more than one year, but only if it is undertaken in a progressive programme and approved in its entirety by the head of school and with a recommendation from the RCPCH regional advisor.

A training programme made up entirely of LAT and/or Fixed Term Specialty Training Appointment (FTSTA) posts will not result in the award of a CCT, as stipulated in the Gold Guide.

Guidance and application form

LAT Guidance (MS Doc, 139KB)

LAT Application Form (MS Doc, 164KB)

The application form, a recent CV, the accompanying supervisors report and ARCP/RITA should be sent to the Certification and Revalidation Team at:

Certification Team
RCPCH Education and Training Division
5-11 Theobalds Road

Please note:

Locum Appointments for Service (LAS) do not receive any credit for training and therefore can not contribute towards CCT. Possession of the MRCPCH is not mandatory, although those doctors in filling these positions are expected to be able to demonstrate a level of competence/experience equivalent to those in run through positions. These appointments are all locally recruited as they are service orientated and therefore a matter for the Trusts employing these locums.