Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training

This page includes statutory and RCPCH guidance, as well as contacts, for less than full time (LTFT) trainees. The RCPCH LTFT Advisors provide advice and support to LTFT trainees; they  meet twice a year and raise relevant issues with the Trainees' Committee.

About LTFT training

Paediatricians have pioneered initiatives within LTFT training which have been strongly supported by the College. Consequently, paediatrics has higher numbers of part-time trainees than other hospital specialties.

LTFT training can provide an ideal solution for trainees who wish to combine family commitments or other interests with their career.

LTFT trainees should complete their workplace based assessments pro-rata and ensure that they are spaced evenly between their different posts. ARCPs (annual reviews of competence progression) take place once a year.

Statutory guidance

NHS Employers: Principles in flexible training 2005 (PDF, 192KB, 17 pages)

NHS Employers: Equitable pay 2005 (PDF, 145KB, 8 pages)

GMC post and programme approval - more detail on post approval

GMC position statement on training less than full time - October 2011 (PDF, 29KB, 4 pages)

RCPCH guidance

Guide to less than full time training (MS Word, 227KB, 15 pages) - written by a LTFT trainee in paediatrics

Guidance on leave for LTFT - February 2010 (PDF, 96KB, 2 pages)

Reduced subscriptions - February 2010 (PDF, 106KB, 1 page)

Essentials of LTFT training - updated October 2011 (MS Doc, 739KB, 1 page)

LTFT Training and Locum work (MS Doc, 83KB)

Extra time for LTFT trainees in need of support (MS Doc, 83KB)

Guidance for LTFTT leave (MS Doc, 1 page, 83.8 KB)

Guidance for Period of Grace and LTFT Training  (MS Doc, 1 page, 83.0 KB)

Guidance for writing LTFTT rotas  (PDF, 3 pages, 94.9 KB)

Maternity and work advice

Pregnancy: occupational aspects of management - Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) (PDF)

Pregnancy and shift work - RCP and FOM (PDF)

Pregnancy and standing - RCP and FOM (PDF)

Pregnancy and heavy lifting - RCP and FOM (PDF)

Pregnancy and heavy physical work - RCP and FOM (PDF)

Pregnancy and long working hours - RCP and FOM (PDF)

Guidance for paediatric trainees - pregnancy and maternity leave - Oct 2011 (MS Doc, 72KB, 10 pages)

Keeping in touch (KIT) days (MS Doc, 21KB, 1 page)

Returning to work

AoMRC return to practice guidance (PDF, 229 KB, 17 pages)(PDF, 229 KB, 17 pages)         (PDF   Attach this fileAttach this

Other useful guidance/ links

Making part time work - improving working lives (PDF, 362KB, 16 pages)

LTFT e-learning package for supervisors (PDF, 15.1 KB, 1 page)


LTFT representatives

Chair Dr Priya Kumar
East Midlands (North & South) Dr Louise Wells
East of England  Dr Anne Ingram
Kent, Surrey, Sussex  Dr Vivienne Campbell
London (South) Dr Imke Meyer-Parsonson
London (North) Dr Shanthi Shanmugalingam
North West (Mersey) Dr Fulya Mehta 
North West (North Western)  Dr Alison Jobling 
West Midlands  Dr Bridget Wilson  
Northern Ireland  Dr Janice Bothwell
Thames Valley (Oxford)  Dr Shveta Chana
Scotland  Dr David Cordiner 
Wales Dr Dana Beasley
South West (Severn) Dr Marie Wheeler 
South West   (Peninsula) Dr Sian Ludman 
Wessex Dr Katrina Cathie 
Yorkshire and Humber Dr Helen Yates
Level 1 Trainees' Representative Dr Elizabeth Homer 
Level 2/3 Trainees' Representative  Dr Kathryn Cox