Strategy - Simulation and TEL

The RCPCH has developed a national strategy on simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), as it has an important role to play in the future delivery and assessment of the national paediatric training curriculum, both at core and specialty levels.

This follows the Department of Health publication, A Framework for Technology Enhanced Learning.

The College advocates the delivery of simulation and TEL in all schools of paediatrics, to:

  • ensure equity of access to resources for all trainees
  • promote multi-disciplinary simulation-based education
  • promote training and educational research among all paediatric sub-specialties that focus on caring for patients and their families.

Strategy and implementation plan

Our national strategy and associated implementation plan will help facilitate resource development and empower local plans. The strategy focuses on the elements delivered in simulation centres, as well as point-of-care settings for acute and community-based delivery of paediatric and perinatal care.

RCPCH simulation and TEL strategy (PDF, 11 pages, 224KB)

Implementation plan for simulation and TEL strategy (PDF, 3 pages, 616KB)

Aims of the strategy

  • Foster innovation in technology enhanced education aimed at promoting universal excellence in paediatric and perinatal care
  • Achieve high quality educational outcomes while ensuring equity of access and quality for all paediatric practitioners in the UK
  • Facilitate the processes of continuing professional development, while remaining patient and family centered
  • Accommodate service delivery to ensure system improvement elements are addressed in each centre providing paediatric and perinatal care
  • Collaborate with established national and international, professional and simulation societies that have common goals for the benefit of improved patient care and safety
  • Nationally promote paediatric and perinatal technology enhanced education (eg technology, funding and legislation, public policy)
  • Advocate the continued development of simulation practitioners to ensure high standards
  • Investigate the potential integration of simulation into assessment methods to revaluate elements that are currently deemed inadequate
  • Advocate national high quality educational research to strategically assess the efficacy of educational interventions

Regional leads

Find out what is happening in your deanery or Local Education and Training Board (LETB) by contacting your regional simulation / TEL lead.

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