Community Child Health

Community Child Health is the care of children outside hospital. It is rewarding and challenging - every day is different. Community paediatricians see children as outpatients for a variety of reasons. 

 What makes a Community Child Health Paediatrician?

A Community Child Health Paediatrician is a doctor who has expertise in working with vulnerable groups of children and their carers. This includes children with developmental disorders and disabilities, those with complex behavioural issues and those who are at risk of abuse or are being abused. They also have a particular role with children who are “Looked After” or are in the process of being adopted.

They hold clinics in a variety of settings with an emphasis on continuity of care and have strong skills in multi-agency working particularly with education and social care. Community paediatricians have a vital role in planning and implementing local strategies to improve the health of all children in their area including safeguarding policy and universal and targeted lifestyle programmes.

Curriculum documents

Community Child Health Curriculum (PDF, 2.21MB, 176 pages)

Assessment guidance for Level 3 trainees (ST6-8) (MS Doc, 27.1 KB, 3  pages)

Community Child Health Guidance Checklist (MS Doc, 160 KB, 4 pages)

Community Child Health 'Rules' (MS Doc, 32 KB, 2 pages)


Community Child Health Unit Questionnaire (MS Doc, 242 KB, 4 pages)

Community Child Health Trainee Questionnaire (MS Doc, 242 KB, 4 pages)


Creating New Posts and Programmes for the Community Child Health Grid (PDF, 443KB, 2 pages)


In most cases, you can contact the Community Child Health (CCH) Lead for your region - see the second table.

If you have a question about your CCT, you can contact one of the CSAC Training Advisors - see the first table.

CSAC members

Role Name Email

Dr Elaine Lewis

Training Advisor

(trainees A-L)

Dr Emma Bradley

Training Advisor 

(trainees M-Z)

Dr Nia John
Quality Advisor

Dr John Agbenu
Assessment Advisor

Dr Brindha Dhandapani
Trainee Representative

Dr Manjari Tanwar

Community Child Health Leads

Region Name Email 
East Midlands South Dr Devanitha Sekaran 

East Mindlands North Dr Katherine Martin

East of England Dr Susan Ozer

Kent, Surrey, Sussex

Dr Sarah Birks
South London

Dr Sarah Panjwani

Dr Rebecca Shopland
Northern Ireland

Dr Anne Armstrong

Dr Sarah Haden 
North Scotland

Dr Ai Lin Lee 
South East Scotland

Dr Anna Chillingworth
West Scotland

Dr Allyson Ramsay

Dr Emma Bradley

Dr Eleanor Thomas

Dr Nia John

Dr Dannielle Rowley 
Yorkshire and Humber

Dr Shobha Sivaramakrishnan
North Western Dr Sharmishtha Gupta

Specialty group

British Association For Community Child Health