Neonatal Medicine

A neonatologist is a doctor who provides comprehensive care to the critically ill infant on the neonatal intensive care unit whilst ensuring the care of well term infants on the postnatal ward.

 What makes a Neonatologist?

The spectrum of clinical conditions and care required is vast - from the term baby with feeding issues on the postnatal ward to the sick, fragile, extremely preterm baby with multiple problems.

Neonatologists often face difficult discussions with families in the antenatal and postnatal environment with counselling about care, management, prognostication and potentially palliative care. Ethical and medicolegal knowledge and its application is central to many of these discussions.

While providing team leadership and clinical and skill training, the neonatologist is also expected to be able to perform challenging technical procedures. Long term follow up until two years of age with developmental screening is provided in this role and it is the combination of intensive care skills, ethical and emotional support and clinic follow up that make this a unique speciality.

Curriculum and documents

How to Use the Curriculum - Guide for Neonatal GRID Trainees (PDF, 16.8KB, 2 pages) 

Neonatal Medicine Curriculum (PDF, 1.77MB, 170 pages)

Aligned Neonatal Framework for Level 3 Grid Training (MS, 40.1KB, 22 pages)

Neonatal Medicine Guidance Checklist  (MS Doc, 146KB, 5 pages)

Neonatal CSAC Rules (MS Doc, 32.5 KB, 2 pages)

Neonatal Medicine Further Assessment Guidance (PDF, 215KB, 3 pages)

Development Advice for National Grid Neonatal Trainees (PDF, 244KB, 3 pages)

CSAC process for 2017

We have been working with the Heads of Schools from around the UK to progress with the yearly CSAC progression form with the aim of achieving some external review for trainees.

It is clear that each Deanery has its own geographical challenges and there will be a variety of models employed to carry out these reviews which will need to be conducted before your ARCP’s.

Your Head of School (or neonatal representative) will either provide you with a date for a panel review in your region, or provide you with a list of neonatologists in a neighbouring Deanery for you to arrange an external review.

At present:

  • London will panel review their own trainees as well as those of KSS
  • Wales and South West Deanery will assess each other’s trainees
  • Wessex and Thames will liaise to assess their trainees
  • East of England will arrange a panel review for their trainees
  • Scotland deaneries are reviewing each other’s’ trainees
  • North East trainees will be reviewed by Dr Cath Harrison who will visit the region
  • North West trainees will be reviewed by Dr Bustani who will visit the region
  • Yorkshire trainees will be reviewed by the North West consultants- Dr Aparna Manou will lead on this
  • East Midlands and West Midlands will liaise to assess their trainees: Dr Fawke and Dr Rasiah and Negrine will coordinate
  • South Yorkshire based trainees on the East Midlands rotation will be assessed by Yorkshire Deanery: liaise with Dr Bustani

Most regions are performing their ARCP reviews in late June and early July. We will request that those performing theirs in early June leave the neonatal grid reviews towards the end. The form can be reviewed at the ARCP to assist with their decision.

For ST6 trainees who have just been granted a grid post and due to commence their rotation in August, local guidance should be sought. Those having WAI posts in ST6 may not benefit from this process, and a review early in their ST7 post may be more appropriate. This may also apply to trainees due to start grid at ST7 who have complete a year of tertiary neonates but who haven’t commenced their curriculum entry processes.

We are sorry this has come so close to the ARCP’s, but we will try to assist you get these completed in the next six weeks if requested.

If you have any questions, please approach the Head of School or Neonatal Grid coordinator in your local region first, then Dr Bustani ( if no response.

CSAC progression form

The Neonatal medicine CSAC progression form is now live on the RCPCH ePortfolio (Kaizen). If any assessors or reviewers do not have access to the form, please contact and we will enable the connection.

In order to use both the form and review the trainee's ePortfolio at the same time, all web browsers enable you to split your screen and see two windows along side each other. To do this, right click any of the top menu options and select 'Open link in new window'.

The CSAC progression form is available on the ePortfolio for the CSAC reviewer - it is not accessible to trainees. In the event the ePortfolio form cannot be retrieved, the paper form can be downloaded, completed and uploaded to a trainee's document library in the ePortfolio CSAC Progression Form - April 2016 (MS Doc, 249KB, 5 pages)


Neonatal Medicine Unit Questionnaire (MS Doc, 227KB, 4 pages)

Neonatal Medicine Trainee Questionnaire (MS Doc, 215KB, 4 pages)

CSAC membership

Role Name Email address


Dr Cath Harrison
Quality Advisor Dr Paul Mannix

Subspecialty Training Advisor

 Dr Morag Campbell 

Subspecialty Training Advisor

Dr Grenville Fox

Assessment Advisor

Dr Porus Bustani

Trainee Representative

Dr Nicola Holme
SPIN Lead Dr Vincent Kirkbride

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