Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

Within paediatric respiratory medicine, children with breathing issues and problems with their lungs are cared for.

What makes a Respiratory Paediatrician?

A Respiratory Paediatrician is a doctor who has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the respiratory system in children. They are skilled in detecting and providing holistic care to manage respiratory health and ill-health in infants, children and young people. At a tertiary level they have highly specialist skills to manage complex chronic conditions including difficult to treat asthma, cystic fibrosis and orphan lung diseases.

They deal with challenging problems of diagnostic and therapeutic uncertainty in the field of Paediatric Respiratory medicine. In doing so, they interact with many medical and surgical subspecialties to improve outcomes in children with lung diseases in acute and chronic settings. They have expertise in technical skills, including flexible bronchoscopy and the care of technology dependent children. They hold clinics in a variety of settings, including sharing care within clinical care networks. They advocate on public health issues at an individual, local and national level to promote lung health.

Curriculum documents

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Curriculum (PDF, 2.26MB, 166 pages)

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Level 3 Assessment Guidance (PDF, 27.6KB, 2 pages) 

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Guidance Checklist (MS Doc, 157KB, 4 pages)


Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Unit Questionnaire (MS Doc, 222KB, 4 pages)

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Trainee Questionnaire (MS Doc, 239KB, 5 pages)

CSAC membership

Role Name Email address
Chair Dr Neil Gibson 
Training Advisor  Dr Ian Sinha 
 Assessment Advisor Dr Hazel Evans
Quality Advisor  Dr Omendra Narayan 
Trainee Rep Dr Anna Shawcross

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