Paediatric Oncology

Paediatric oncology offers many different careers - and no two consultants will have precisely the same job. A paediatric oncologist will deal with the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of children and young adults with tumours and leukaemia.

What makes a Paediatric Oncologist?

A Paediatric Oncologist is a doctor with specialist expertise in managing children with cancer. These may be in any part and from any system, including the blood (leukaemia), brain or body. They care for children and young people and their families at all stages of treatment, from diagnosis to long term follow up or palliative care, and often maintain support for many years.

Paediatric Oncologists work closely with haematologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, endocrinologists, and other oncologists, nationally and internationally, to ensure therapies are appropriate and effective. They work locally with psychologists, social workers and teachers supporting patients and their families, to ensure that the burden of treatment is contained, and that the long term effects of treatment are minimised.

Evidence based medicine is at its core, and oncology is characterised by the expectation that patients will be treated according to clinical trials wherever possible.

Curriculum documents

Oncology Curriculum (PDF, 2.30MB, 171 pages)

Oncology Guidance Checklist (MS Doc, 146KB, 4 pages)


Oncology Unit Questionnaire  (MS Doc, 120KB, 4 pages)

Oncology Trainee Questionnaire (MS Doc, 133KB, 5 pages)

CSAC membership

Role Name Email Address
Chair Dr Anthony McCarthy 

Sub-specialty Training Advisor

 Dr Rachael Windsor 

Sub-specialty Training Advisor

 Dr Francis Mussai 

Sub-specialty  Assessment Advisor


Quality Advisor

Dr Sara Stoneham

Trainee Representative

Dr Karen Manias

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