Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Children are 25-30% of all UK Accident and Emergency attendances. High quality paediatric care in the Emergency Department improves management and the experience of children with acute presentations.

What makes a Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) doctor?

An Emergency Medicine Paediatrician is a doctor who specialises in the initial management of children presenting with a wide range of undifferentiated conditions.

These doctors need to make pragmatic and rapid decisions using a wide breadth of knowledge across a huge range of paediatric presentations.

They need to be adaptable so they can immediately switch from managing minor conditions to leading the resuscitation of children. They are equally at home dealing with minor and major trauma, minor and serious illness as well as the worried well; their training prepares them for this.

They gain their skills by working in busy Children’s Emergency Departments, PICUs and alongside trauma surgery colleagues, mastering both the diagnostic challenge and the practical skills required to treat this diverse population. As consultants they may work in designated Children’s Emergency Departments or alongside adult colleagues, taking on the care of children in mixed Emergency Departments.

For more information see The College of Emergency Medicine.

Curriculum documents

Emergency Medicine Curriculum (PDF, 2.52MB, 180 pages)

Emergency Medicine Guidance Checklist (MS Doc, 136KB, 4 pages)


Emergency Medicine Unit Questionnaire (MS Doc, 112 KB, 4 pages)

Emergency Medicine Trainee Questionnaire (MS Doc, 112 KB, 4 pages)

CSAC membership 

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Training Advisor

Dr James Ross 

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Dr Nicholas Sargant
Assessment Advisor Dr Joanne Stirling

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Dr Robin Marlow

RCEM National Advisor

 Dr Alison Smith 

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