Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine (PICM)

PICM involves looking after neonates, infants and children from all specialties while they are critically ill and in need of close observation and monitoring, and frequent interventions.

What makes a Paediatric Intensive Care Physician (PICP)?

The PIC is a doctor from a paediatric, intensive care or anaesthetic background who is able to resuscitate, stabilize, transfer and treat critically ill and injured children.

These doctors identify those children who need intensive care support, and are skilled at procedures and techniques needed to deliver that support. They are expert at directing, leading and coordinating both medical and surgical resuscitation and can prioritise and respond to new and urgent clinical situations.

PICPs are able to look after children with a wide range of life threatening pathologies within the emergency, transfer and intensive care setting. They will interact, coordinate, educate and supervise all members of the intensive care team and understand the unique interaction of the intensive care unit with every component of the hospital.

These doctors work in difficult and challenging environments within the emergency, transfer and the intensive care settings. They are also able to coordinate and deliver appropriate care in the setting of a major incident.

Curriculum documents

PICM (Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine) curriculum (PDF, 2.12MB, 187 pages)

PICM Level 3 assessment guidance (PDF, 312KB, 4 pages)

PICM guidance c hecklist (MS Doc, 85.5KB, 4 pages)

PICM year 1 competency document (PDF, 231KB, 12 pages)

PICM year 2 competency document (PDF, 235KB, 13 pages)

Committee membership 

This sub-specialty is looked after by the Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine Intercollegiate Specialty Advisory Committee (PICMISAC), a joint committee of the following organisations:

  • Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS)
  • Faculty of Intensive Care  Medicine (FICM)
  • Royal College of Anaesthesia (RCoA) 
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).
Role Name Email address


Dr Mehrengise Cooper 
Training Advisor/Quality Advisor Dr Julie Richardson

Training Advisor

Dr Kim Sykes 

Assessment Advisor

Dr Shruti Agrawal
PICS Trainee Representative Dr Carla Thomas

RCoA Representative

Dr Steven Cray 

RCoA Representative

Dr Jeff Perring 

RCoA Training Manager

Ms Claudia Moran 

FICM Supervisor

Ms Anna Ripley 

PICS Representative

Dr Margarita Burmester 

PICS Acute Transport Group

Dr Kate Parkins 

FICM Representative

Dr Susan Jackson 

FICM Representative

Dr Liza Keating 

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