Paediatric Neurology

Paediatric neurology is the branch of medicine which diagnoses and, where possible, treats babies, children and teenagers who have disorders of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

What makes a Paediatric Neurologist?

A Paediatric Neurologist is a doctor who has knowledge and understanding of disorders of the nervous system that affect infants, children and young people. A Paediatric Neurologist needs to have expertise in conditions including: the epilepsies, movement, cerebrovascular, neuromuscular, neurogenetic, inflammatory and neuro-oncological disorders. In addition, they have generic expertise in neuroimaging and molecular medicine. Some Paediatric Neurologists will specialise in one area due to rapid advances in diagnostics, management and treatment. 

Paediatric Neurologists are usually based in a regional neuroscience centre providing tertiary and secondary level services and they work in both in-patient and out-patient settings. In the acute setting they manage a wide spectrum of disorders and provide shared care management of patients on PICU following neurosurgery or under the care of other specialist services. They advise on diagnosis and ongoing management of chronic and complex disease. Paediatric Neurologists work particularly closely with Neurodisability paediatricians, Neurosurgeons, Neurophysiologists and Neuroradiologists. 

Curriculum documents

Neurology Curriculum (PDF, 2.38MB, 175 pages)

Neurology Level 3 Assessment Guide (PDF, 222KB, 4 pages)

Neurology Guidance Checklist (MS Doc, 146KB, 5 pages)


Neurology Unit Questionnaire (MS Doc, 204 KB, 4 pages)

Neurology Trainee Questionnaire (MS Doc, 216 KB, 5 pages)

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