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The latest Trainees' Committee survey was conducted in February 2017. The quantitative results are available to view here.

February 2017 Trainees Committee survey results (PDF 253KB)

During winter 2011-12 the RCPCH Trainees' Committee performed its first National Trainees' Survey. The aim was simple: to discover the views of the broader trainee body on a range of issues that have been brought to the attention of the Trainees' Committee the preceding year.  These issues included:

  • difficulty applying for time Out of Programme (OOP)
  • difficulty applying for study leave
  • Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training issues
  • problems with time allocation in sub-specialty training and academic/ research training
  • trainee doctors carrying out unsuitable tasks
  • current trainees seriously considering leaving paediatric training

The response to the survey was astounding, with 2,037 paediatric trainees (approximately 56% of all trainees currently registered with the College) providing us with a large amount of information to help the committee do what it's meant to do better- represent the views of trainees in the work of the College. 

The full report of the results of the survey is now available here (PDF,1.54MB), including a brief executive summary.  It's very important to the Trainees' Committee that the results of the survey are put to use to begin to change the training experience. 


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