Trainee representation

The RCPCH Trainees' committee is your way of interacting with the College. Your Trainee Representative provides you with a way to raise training issues relevant to your region and bring them to the attention of the College.

What we do

  • We work on matters of relevance to trainees and to the College.
  • The general bulk of our work is related to training and assessment but as many aspects of our working lives impact on training, these also fall into our remit.
  • We also send our representatives to sit on other committees and working groups within and outside of the College. These include committees on exams, child protection, sub-specialties and many other issues.

What we are

  • We are made up of elected representatives from the UK and Ireland who are currently paediatric trainees.
  • This inludes 19 regional representatives, and 13 subject representatives.
  •  As one of the RCPCH's standing committees, we are subject to the College's byelaws and regulations and as such have a duty to ensure trainees' views are expressed and heard.
  • The Vice President for Training and Assessment sits on the committee and the President also attends occasional discussions.
  • We meet three times per year with one meeting held outside London, although we are in email contact much more frequently than this.

How to get involved or get your voice heard

  • You should receive regular emails from the trainee representative of your region about various issues that have been discussed by the Trainees' Committee. Feel free to contact them about anything which concerns you
  • If you don't know who your representatives are you can have a look at the Deanery/LETB webpage
  • Posts are held for about three years and it is likely that one position in your region will become available while you are trainee. Please contact any member of the committee to find out further details about the role and what it involves.


Committee Administrator: Demi McAteer

Committee Chair: Oliver Bevington

Committee Vice Chair: Thomas Whitby

Regional representatives

North West (North Western): Anna Mcnamara

North East: Sian Copley

Thames Valley (Oxford): Ella Ambrose

East of England: Claire Mathews

South West (Severn): Aless Glover

South West (Peninsula): James Dearden

London North East Central: Katie Mckinnon

London North West: Audrey Soo

KSS: Julia Fozard

Wessex: Fiona Hignett

East Midlands: Husain Asgerally

Yorkshire and Humber: Helen Berry

West Midlands: Laura Kelly

Scotland (N, S, E):  Muhammad Salman Khurshid

Scotland (W): Elise Weir

Wales: Abby Parish

Northern Ireland: Julie-Ann Collins

Republic of Ireland: Aisling O’Riordan

Subject representatives 

Child Protection: Claire Jordan

Less Than Full Time: Elizabeth Homer (Level 1) Kathryn Cox (Levels 2/3)

Assessments: Nicholas Schindler

Examinations: Nikhil Ganjoo

General Paediatrics (Level 1/2): Sairah Akbar

General Paediatrics (Level 3): Charlotte Holland

Recruitment / ETQC: Hannah Jacob

PiMM: Emma Coombe

Quality Improvement: Natalie Bee

Global Child Health: Jacqueline Le Geyt and Mark Lee

Co-opted representatives 

Curriculum: Rachael Mitchell

ePortfolio: Thomas Whitby

PAFTAs: Jennie Lambert

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