Acting Up as a consultant during training

Time spent Acting Up into consultant duties may be recognised as part of a training programme leading to the award of the certificate of completion of training (CCT) or certificate of eligibility for specialist registration (CESR (CP)) in paediatrics and sub-specialty recognition.

The Acting Up experience must be supervised and relevant to gaining the competences, knowledge, skills and behaviours required by the curriculum - see Gold Guide, 6th Edition, 2016 (PDF, 2.18 MB)

The availability of this opportunity will depend upon local circumstances.

Application process

Run-through trainees need to obtain prospective approval for Acting Up, to ensure adequate planning and suitability. Trainees must create an ‘Acting Up as Consultant application’ form on their ePortfolio timeline and submit it for approval by their Postgraduate Dean or Head of School.

Grid trainees must inform their Specialty Training Advisor of Acting Up, so that the Advisor can recommend approval to the TPD/HoS.

Trainees who wish to act up as a consultant must:

  • be in the final year of training towards CCT / CESR(CP)
  • occupy the Acting Up post for a period of up to 3 months (pro rata for flexible trainees) - a maximum of 6 months may be allowed at the discretion of the Head of School
  • have the post approved by their Educational Supervisor and TPD/HoS prospectively according to College procedure - Grid trainees must have approval from the Specialty Training Advisor
  • give 3 months’ notice of Acting Up to their current employing trust (unless with agreement from their employer)
  • retain their National Training Number during the period of Acting Up
  • have a named Educational/Clinical Supervisor during the period of Acting Up and an appropriate level of consultant clinical supervision, advice and assistance at all times (including on-call)
  • receive a report from the Educational Supervisor at the end of the period which should be uploaded to in the trainees Eportfolio
  • have satisfactory ARCP outcomes including an outcome 1 at ST7 (for those who entered level 3 training after Sept 2011 this will include having completed START and discussed it at ARCP).

There may be exceptional circumstances where the trainee is on track to finish training at the end of ST7 or the timing of their START assessment is after the beginning of their acting up opportunity. In this case the final decision about acting up will rest with the Head of School.

The post must be in:

  • the same deanery/LETB (local education and training board) - unless there are exceptional educational circumstances, eg approved sub-specialty posts
  • an already Paediatric approved GMC Local Education Provider (if the LEP is not approved for paediatrics then OOPT will have to be sought prospectively with GMC approval)
  • a vacant substantive post (e.g. maternity leave of a consultant,  retirement post not yet filled, new approved post pending substantive appointment).

If the period is at the end of the final year of the training programme, a recommendation for the award of a CCT/CESR(CP) will not be made until the report from the educational supervisor has been received.

Doctors in training who are post-CCT will not be eligible to Act Up but will be expected to take up the post as Locum Consultant. Upon taking a Locum Consultant post they will be asked to resign their National Training Number (NTN).