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Upcoming meetings for College Tutors  

Preparing for Progress at RCPCH Annual Conference Preparing for Progress at RCPCH Annual ConferencePreparing for Progress at RCPCH Annual Conference 

Preparing for Progress - RCPCH Conference, Glasgow, 13 -15 March 2018

We would like to invite College Tutors to attend the following session, aimed at tutors, TPDs and supervisors, which will focus on the implementation of RCPCH Progress curriculum:

How to Progress: an introduction to the new curriculum for clinicians supporting training (14 March, 11.15 – 12.40)
The following session also relating to RCPCH Progress may be of interest to you:
Personal Practice session: Getting to grips with the RCPCH Progress curriculum (13 March, 8.00 – 8.55)

Previous meetings for College Tutorstors' Day - 26 February 2016, Edinburgh

College Tutors' Day 19 January 2018, Birmingham

Training in the Real World

Assessing the Progress Curriculum  (PDF, 9MB, 79 pages) Dr David Evans
Paediatric workforce and rota management (PDF, 987KB, 23 pages) Dr Colin Morgan
Inductions (PDF, 865KB, 26 pages)

College Tutors' Day 29 September 2017, RCPCH London

 Training in the Real World

RCPCH Progress Curriculum (PDF, 1.60MB, 20 pages) Yvonne Savage
Assessing the Curriculum (PDF, 1.58MB, 31 pages) Dr Ashley Reece

Attach this file 

College Tutor Briefing at RCPCH Conference, 26 May 2017, Birmingham

Make the National Training Survey work for you (PDF, 358KB, 17 pages) Jenni Thompson and Dr Naeem Ayub
College Tutors Update: Curriculum revision and Shape of Training (PDF, 4.07MB, 28 pages) Dr David Evans     College Tutors Update: Curriculum revision and Shape of TrainingCollege Tutors Update: Curriculum revision and Shape of Training


'The College Tutor in a changing world'  College Tutors' Day - 26 February 2016, Edinburgh'The College Tutor in a changing world'College Tutors' Day 26 February 2016 - EdinburghCollege Tutors' Day 26 February 2016 - EdinburghCollege Tutors' Day 26 February 2016 - Edinburgh College Tutors' Day 10 February 2017, Bristol

Supporting the trainee


College Tutors' Day 28 October 2016, RCPCH London

Supporting the trainee

College Tutors' Day 26 February 2016 - Edinburgh

The College Tutor in a changing world

College Tutors’ Day 25 September 2015 - RCPCH London

The Future of Paediatric Training


RCPCH Annual Conference ICC Birmingham - The College Tutor session - 29 April 2015

Shape of the Future for Paediatric Education and Training: What’s ahead?

College Tutors' Day 9 February 2015 - Manchester

Nurturing Trainees 

College Tutors’ Day 8 October 2014 - London

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Workshop 1

  • Quality improvement: It’s not just another ‘thing,’ Dr Damian Roland - Blog | Youtube video
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  • A crash course in quality Improvement methods (PDF, 2.30MB, 34 pages) - Dr Jane Runnacles
  • Creating a culture of quality improvement for your trainees, Dr Bob Klaber. Material from this workshop is based on: ‘Spurgeon P, Klaber B. Chapter 11. Supporting Leadership Learning: Tutor Notes. Medical Leadership: a practical guide for trainees and tutors: BPP Learning Media Ltd, 2011.’

Workshop 2