Increasing the Maximum Training Capacity (MTC)

This process must be followed when applying for approval of major changes to an existing programme, for example an increase or decrease in maximum training capacity.

Maximum Training Capacity (MTC)

Every paediatric training programme has an agreed MTC which is defined by the GMC in Section 3 of their approvals guidance as;

The MTC should reflect the highest number of trainees that could be within the specialty programme at one time.  It is perfectly reasonable not to necessarily use all of the approved training capacity, all of the time. The MTC is to be used as a maximum in all senses of the word, and not to reflect how many posts there currently are within the programme. Please ensure that this capacity also reflects the sub specialties for the ‘parent’ specialty programme.

As in the case of all other approvals, the GMC require College support for any changes to the MTC, however this must be sought from the Officer for Specialty Training at the College rather than the Regional Advisor

Important guidelines

  • The MTC should reflect the maximum number of whole time equivalent (wte) trainees actively in posts within the programme, who could be supported at any one time.
  • Do not inflate the MTC to accommodate trainees who are working LTFT as the MTC should reflect the whole time equivalent
  • Where posts may be filled by trainees from several deaneries, it is the deanery who owns the programme which should account for it in their MTC. For example, if a post may be filled by a Mersey or Wales trainee, but the post falls within a Mersey programme, this capacity will be incorporated into Mersey's MTC only.
  • Trainees who are out of programme for any reason or those who have rotated to a training post outside the programme (e.g. in another deanery) should not be accounted for in the MTC
  • If additional capacity is being created by approved sub specialty posts this needs to be highlighted on the College request for support.

Seeking College support

To apply for a letter of support from the College, please complete the request for support form (MS Doc, 138KB). This should then be sent to John O'Keeffe ( who will seek College approval through the Officer for Specialty Training. Once the request for support has been reviewed, the College will send its decision to the Deanery.