Quality and standards

shutterstock_16706872. cropforweb.jpgThe RCPCH sets the standards for training of paediatricians and evaluates its delivery through various means.

These include:

Recommendations for safe trainee changeover

The guide, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and NHS Employers' Recommendations for Safe Trainee Changeover (PDF, 202KB, 8 pages), offers simple, practical recommendations that can be implemented in organisations to help mitigate the problems associated with simultaneous trainee changeover.

Doctors in training in the UK have historically started new six monthly rotations in February and August, with the majority of junior doctors rotating to new training programmes during the first week of August. There is increasing evidence to show that simultaneous changeover is associated with reduced efficiency and increased mortality.

To help avoid these potential problems, the Academy and NHS Employers have worked with partner organisations to recommend four simple measures:

  1. consultants must be appropriately available
  2. flexible and intelligent rota design
  3. high quality clinical induction at all units
  4. reduction of elective work at changeover times.

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