Post and programme approval

An important element of the RCPCH's quality management process is to assist Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) / HEE regional offices in obtaining educational approval for new training posts and programmes. This approval is for both academic and clinical posts and programmes.

The role of the GMC: approval process

The General Medical Council (GMC) has sole responsibility for the approval of training posts and programmes. As part of the approvals process the GMC will require a letter of support from the college before any approval is given to new posts, programmes or locations.

Please note, from September 2017, there will be no retrospective approvals of post/programmes granted by the GMC and any training carried out at an unapproved site will not be allowed to contribute towards CCT training.

In order to gain approval, one of two GMC application forms must be completed

GMC Form A - Application for the Approval of Specialty Training Programmes

GMC Form A (MS Doc, 121KB, 3 pages)

Please do consult the GMC Form A guidance (MS Doc, 131KB, 4 pages) before completing the form. This form should only be used in order to apply for approval for an entirely new training programme.

Application for approval for a new training post/location

Post/location approval form (MS Doc, 29KB, 2 pages)

Please do consult the GMC post and location approval guidance before completing the form. This form should be used when training becomes available in an entirely new location where training had not previously existed. 

No application will be processed or approved by the GMC until they have received a letter of support from the College.

Seeking College approval

 Please submit either form to College endorsement will then be sought from the relevant Regional Lead and CSAC Chair if applicable.