Directly Observed Procedural Skills (DOPS)

DOPS is a workplace-based assessment tool for paediatric run through trainees that has been designed for the assessment of practical skills. It is an AoP (Assessment of Performance).

Blood sugar reading being takenHow many DOPS assessments do you need to complete?

You will need to complete one satisfactory Assessment of Performance (AoP) for the specific mandatory procedures stated in the guidance and you may wish to complete some from the supplementary list.

At Level 3, sub-specialty trainees may be required by their College Specialty Advisory Committee (CSAC) to demonstrate competence in the relevant practical procedures.   

Both summative and formative DOPS can be assessed by consultants, more senior trainees, nurse practitioners and others who are proficient in the procedure and have read and understood the guidance on DOPS.

Your DOPS will need to be completed online, using ePortfolio.


DOPS Guidance September 2016 (PDF, 572KB, 3 pages)


DOPS Paper Assessment Form (PDF, 269KB, 2 pages) - for reference; the final form must be completed online.

DOPs Paper Assessment Form (Word, 207KB, 2 Pages)


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