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Registration for training at the RCPCH gives you access to essential online assessment tools, including ePortfolio, and further resources to support your career. Available to doctors in paediatric specialty training roles.

The RCPCH is responsible for the monitoring of postgraduate specialty training in paediatrics in the UK in line with the General Medical Council's (GMC) 'Gold Guide'.

How to register for training

You need to be an RCPCH member in order to register for training. You can apply for membership and register for training using our online system.

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Do you need to register?

  • If you a paediatric trainee in a GMC-approved run-through training post, you must be registered for training and have an ePortfolio account to record your training. 
  • If you are a paediatric trainee in a LAT (locum appointed for training) post, we encourage you to register for training. Our ePortfolio is useful to record your progression, especially if you are considering applying to specialty training in the future. 
  • If you are in a non-training grade post (Clinical Fellow, Trust Doctor, LAS, SAS), you can opt to use the ePortfolio to record assessments and learning, and will need to apply for Associate membership in order for an ePortfolio account to be set up.
  • You can only apply for an ePortfolio account if you are in a UK run-through training or non-training grade post. If you are in a post outside of the UK, you are not eligible to apply for an ePortfolio account.

What are the costs?

There is an annual fee for training, to cover the College's cost to maintain the assessment tool.

Type of post Current costs 2018 rates and 2017-18 cohort rates*
GMC approved run-through training post

£212 - full time

£127 - less than full time

£217 - full time

£130 - less than full time

Approved non run-through training post 

£133 - full time

£89 - less than full time

£137 - full time

£92 - less than full time

Non-approved post
(Clinical Fellow, Trust Doctor, LAS, SAS, etc.)

£109 - full time

£75 - less than full time

£112- full time

£69 - less than full time

* Please note, for new joiners in September 2017: your ePortfolio account will still be active if you register before the deadline of 4 August 2017, even though your training fee will not be taken until January 2018.

There is an additional charge for your annual membership subscription.

If you are on maternity leave or are working less than full time for 6 months or more, you may request a concession on your training fee and/or membership subscription. After you submit your application, you may submit an online concession.

Contacts for enquiries

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Telephone for all enquiries: 020 7092 6000 (ask for relevant team)