How does PaedCCF outpatients work? A step-by-step guide

Information about PaedCCF outpatients, step-by-step process, costs and related guidance.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Register your interest by filling out a registration form (PDF, 65KB, 1 page). NB Trainees should not register for PaedCCF at this point in time.
  2. Once we have registered you for PaedCCF, you will be sent an email to confirm your registration followed by a separate email prompting you to log in to RCPCH ePortfolio to complete your self-assessment for the PaedCCF event.
  3. Once you have completed your self-assessment, the PaedCCF event will autogenerate your unique weblink/URL which you should print off as a tear-off sheet and share with clinic/admin staff who are supporting you to gather patient feedback, so they can share these with your patients or their parents/carers
  4. If you prefer your patients to complete paper feedback forms, you will need to email RCPCH to request these and we will send you the required number by post with return envelopes. Please ensure any completed paper feedback forms are returned to us regularly for scanning in.
  5. You will have approx. 12 months to gather sufficient feedback.
  6. Once you have reached the minimum number required (20 responses for Outpatients), you can produce your own report via RCPCH ePortfolio
  7. If you require an interim results report before you have gained the minimum number, please send us proof of your revalidation date (e.g. a copy of your revalidation letter from the GMC) and we will manually generate an early report before reopening your PaedCCF event to gather more feedback.
  8. Any concerns raised around falsified data or cheating during the quality assurance process will be fully investigated - see the workplace based assessment falsification protocol.

Important note about RCPCH ePortfolio

 * Please note that use of RCPCH ePortfolio means that your email address will be retained by the RCPCH ePortfolio system to identify you when you login. Due to the nature of ePortfolio, your email address will be searchable in the system. We therefore encourage you to use your work email address when registering for PaedCCF rather than your personal email address.

Current cost per round

Members: £40.00

Non-members: £60.00

Additional resources for those using PaedCCF Outpatients

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If you have any queries about PaedCCF please contact the Revalidation Team or call 0207 092 6152 or 0207 092 6148.

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