Parent and carer feedback (PaedCCF)

The Paediatric Carers of Children Feedback Tool (commonly referred to as the PaedCCF Tool) was created to assist paediatricians to measure how well they interact and communicate with parents/carers and children.

The importance of paediatricians listening to parents/carers and children during consultations is vital. This tool helps paediatricians to gauge how well they interact with parents/carers and children and also to identify any areas of their consultation experience that may require attention.

  • As part of revalidation the GMC will expect paediatricians to engage in a parent/carer feedback process at least once within a five-year cycle. 
  • PaedCCF is a parent/carer feedback tool for paediatricians who have either outpatient consultations or work in ICU settings (separate versions).
  • This tool has been validated and meets the criteria (PDF, 272KB, 8 pages) laid out by the GMC.

Feedback from Consultant in Paediatric Rheumatology: 

"I was pleased to be involved in this process - seems to have worked really well for me and my team!"


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How does PaedCCF outpatients work?

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 How does PaedCCF ICU work?

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Validity of PaedCCF for revalidation

We have been made aware by a very small number of paediatricians who have completed the PaedCCF tool that their employers will not accept the PaedCCF results and these doctors have been asked to complete the organisation's own patient feedback tool.  The RCPCH does not consider this advice to meet GMC guidance, as the PaedCCF tool meets GMC criteria for patient feedback tools.

Further information about GMC criteria, GMC FAQs on patient feedback, case studies for doctors collecting patient feedback and leaflets for patients can be found on the GMC patient feedback website section.

Statement to address concerns

A RCPCH statement  (PDF, 33KB, 1 page) has been issued for use by any paediatricians in this situation. We would also like to hear from paediatricians directly if they have been given this information by their employer. 


If you have any queries about PaedCCF please contact the Revalidation Team or call 0207 092 6152 or 0207 092 6148.