Supporting information

Doctors should be collecting information that will be used for the revalidation process. Requirements are outlined below and in the guidance documents.

Supporting information requirements

  • Evidence of your CPD (annually)
  • Validated colleague feedback (once per revalidation cycle)
  • Validated patient or parent feedback (once per revalidation cycle)
  • Evidence of involvement in quality improvement activities (eg clinical audits, particularly completed audit cycles, reflection on cases and clinical outcomes) (see RCPCH supporting information guidelines for frequency)
  • Evidence of other non clinical activity you have undertaken (eg teaching, research, management) (see RCPCH supporting information guidelines for frequency)
  • Documentation and associated reflections on significant incidents that you have been involved with (as they occur)
  • Documentation and associated reflections for any complaints or compliments that you may have been involved with (as they occur)
  • Statements on probity and health (annually)

These will need to be submitted for discussion at your annual appraisal.

Associated guidance on supporting information 

The RCPCH has provided paediatric guidance on supporting information, building on guidance issued by the GMC.

Other guidance of relevance to paediatricians

The following guidance is not endorsed by RCPCH or GMC but may provide useful guidance to paediatricians working in these areas of practice:

Queries on supporting information

If you are unclear about requirements for supporting information, please contact your appraiser or responsible officer in the first instance. The revalidation team are happy to clarify any queries about the RCPCH guidance on supporting information.

For guidance on appraisal, please go to our Revalidation across the UK section.