Broad Based Training Programme

Broad Based Training (BBT) is a two-year structured core training programme providing six-month placements in Core Medical Training, General Practice, Paediatrics and Psychiatry followed by CT/ST2 level training in one of the four specialties without further competition.

Programme aims

Coming at a time when healthcare provision is changing its focus from acute single episode care, delivered in acute hospitals, to the management of long term conditions delivered within community settings, the programme aims to equip candidates for the future by:

  • Developing them into a more broad based practitioner, likely to bring a wider perspective to healthcare provision both now and throughout their career
  • Enabling them to be adept at managing patients with complex medical needs;
  • Ensuring that they have a firm grounding in the provision of patient focused care;
  • Providing them with time to develop conviction in their choice of career pathway; and
  • Equipping them for successful entry into one of the four specialties at CT/ST2 level on successful completion of the programme.

The specific makeup of a BBT post will see a candidate's experience in each placement targeted around areas which are pertinent to the other three specialties.  So for instance, while undertaking the GP placement, a candidate's experience would ideally focus more towards those patient conditions involving psychiatric, paediatric or long-term conditions.

Supervision and future progression

Each BBT trainee is allocated an educational supervisor to support them throughout the two-year programme.

With satisfactory progression through the BBT programme, candidates will then progress to a CT2 or ST2 post in one of the four specialties without any further competition, and continue training alongside those trainees who have progressed from CT1-level via the 'standard' route.

Recruitment to BBT posts

Please note: There will be no recruitment to BBT for the 2016 round.

Applicants wishing to apply to BBT will apply via the Oriel recruitment system.  Applicants should note that, although they do not have to apply to GP to apply for BBT, they must successfully complete all stages of the BBT and GP recruitment processes to be offered a BBT post.   

BBT recruitment is coordinated by Health Education North West, who will handle all applications on behalf of all deaneries/LETBs, and organise the BBT Selection Centre. In 2015 the interviews took place on Friday 30 January 2015 at the Macron Stadium, Bolton. We are awaiting confirmation of the date and venue for the 2016 selection process.

Further information

More information including a 2016 Applicants’ Guide and person specification.

The BBT curriculum is available from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ website

The General Practice application form and recruitment process information is located on the GP recruitment office website.

Any questions on the BBT programme and recruitment to BBT posts should be addressed to Health Education North West, via email: