ST1 & ST2 Recruitment 2018 - Deanery/LETB information

This page will be regularly updated throughout the recruitment window with post numbers, interview dates and venues for ST1 and ST2 recruitment in 2018.

Interview clusters

There will be a total of 6 interview centres in the UK.

  • England and Wales - 4, with a lead LETB for each
  • Northern Ireland - 1
  • Scotland - 1

2018 post numbers, interview dates and locations

  • Post details are currently being finalised and will be posted here by 1st November 2017

  • All information is indicative only and subject to change at any stage in the process

  • Posts advertised as 0+ indicates that a post may become available during the process, but there is no guarantee

  • Please contact your first choice deanery / LETB before attending an interview to confirm the policy on interview expenses

 LETB/Deanery   Indicative number of ST1 posts (min - max) Indicative number of ST2 posts (min - max) Interview dates and location



 103 - 130***

 20 - 25


 0 - 2

 26, 27, 28 Feb 2018

 London Deanery

 South West*


 Thames Valley



 Severn: 14

 Peninsula: 8 - 11



 5 - 14





 29, 30, 31 Jan 2018

 Severn Deanery


 East Mids

 E of England

 West Mids*




 38 - 39








 29, 30 Jan 2018


 (West Brom FC)

 North East*

 North West












 16, 17 Jan 2018

 St. James' Park

 (Newcastle United FC)

 Scotland  20 (inc. LATs)  4

 ST1 - 19 & 20 Feb 2018

 ST2 - 20 Feb 2018

 Stirling Court Hotel

 N. Ireland  16  1

 28th Feb 2018***

 Venue to be confirmed

* denotes Lead LETBs for the interview centre

*** please note that the N.Ireland interview venue is not yet confirmed but will be updated as soon as possible.

Please note that all post numbers are subject to change during the recruitment process, however no region that is advertising 1+ posts will withdraw their posts in their entirety except in extreme circumstances.


ST1 posts issues

Up-to-date nformation regarding any post issues will be posted here as appropriate, throughout the application and preferencing periods.


8th November 2017 - London post information:

***For further detailed information regarding London rotations, please visit the LaSE website:

For further information regarding KSS rotations please visit the LaSE website:


21st November 2017 - Yorkshire and Humber post information:

For further detailed information regarding the Yorkshire and Humber rotations, please visit the HEEY&H website:


ST2 posts issues

Information regarding any post issues will be posted here as appropriate, throughout the application and preferencing periods.



If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact appropriate Deanery/LETB or the PAEDNRO Recruitment Office: