Medical Training Initiative (Paediatrics)

The MTI(p) scheme enables non-UK/EEA paediatricians, with MRCPCH or equivalent postgraduate qualifications, to undertake high quality training in paediatrics in the UK.


The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a national scheme designed to allow non-UK/EEA doctors to enter the UK from overseas for a maximum of 24 months, so that they can benefit from training and development in NHS services before returning to their home countries.

Through the MTI, trainee doctors from countries outside the European Union are offered the opportunity to learn from experienced consultants within the UK national health system.

The RCPCH facilitates the MTI(p) scheme to enable these International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to undertake high quality postgraduate training.

The purpose of the scheme is for those on an MTI(p) placement to benefit from the knowledge, skills and techniques offered by the NHS in the UK and to use the experience to improve the level of patient care in their home country on their return. In addition, UK hospitals will benefit from the skills and knowledge that IMGs can bring.

As of April 2017 the Department of Health (DoH), Health Education England (HEE) and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) agreed some changes to the arrangements for processing visa applications for the MTI with priority now given to applicants from countries identified as Department for International Development (DfID) priority countries or World Bank Low Income and Lower Middle Income Countries (LI & LMI).

What type of posts are offered?

Posts are offered at a 'middle grade' level, equivalent in standard to Level 2 of the UK Specialty training programme.

After a period of three to six months induction at a more junior level (ST3), it is expected that candidates will progress to spend the remaining 18-21 months working at a more senior level (ST4-5).