Post CCT/Paediatrician SPIN Module

The Post CCT/Paediatrician Special Interest (SPIN) modules are the additional training and/or experience a paediatrician completes so that they can be the local lead and part of the clinical network providing for children who need specialist paediatric care.

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Introduction to SPIN

The Post CCT Special Interest (SPIN) modules are the additional training/experience applicants complete usually over a 12 month to 5 year period.

Once completed applicants can be the local lead and part of the clinical network providing for children who need specialist paediatric care.

Please see the Post CCT spin applicant guide for further details.

Step 1 - Submitting your application

To obtain approval to undertake a Post CCT/Paediatrician SPIN Module, you must complete the Post CCT SPIN module application form.

Your application form must provide details of the programme you will undertake.

Your application form must be signed by a Trust figure, who has the authority to approve job plans, such as a medical director or clinical director. This signatory is required to demonstrate that the applicant is suitable, that the faculty are prepared to provide the training and that the programme will enable you to receive the required experience.

Your completed application form, signed by yourself and the Trust must be returned to The RCPCH will then seek signatory approval from the relevant CSAC to confirm your SPIN programme is appropriate.

Please note: if you are using retrospective evidence you must ensure that you detail what competencies you have already met and how you will maintain them until completion of the SPIN. You must also detail what competencies you have left to achieve and how you will achieve them.

Epilepsy Applications

All applicants are advised that an additional approval from the local Paediatric Neurology Deanery Advisor is required. This could be presented in a form of email sent to View the list of the Neurology Deanery Advisers.

Applicants must specify on the application form that they are:

  • registered for BPNA Distance Learning - Module 6
  • have support from paediatric neurology Deanery Advisor to ensure that the training proposed will provide the necessary experience to achieve the competencies and that they will have access to neurology supervision
  • understand that at the end of their training they will have to have completed:
  • the case log
  • PET2, PET3 and PET EEG
  • Some audit and research in epilepsy

No applications will be considered unless they provide the information above.

Allergy Applications

All applicants must submit the below information with their SPIN application form:

  • Confirmation of supervision / mentor at the regional allergy centre
  • A timetable (albeit draft) of the clinical week

Applications will not be considered unless the above information is provided.

Step 2 - Evidencing your SPIN

When you have been approved to start your SPIN Module, you will need to track and keep a record of your achieved competences as stated in the competency framework document during the course of your training.

You will need to record evidence that correlates and demonstrates all of these competences and requirements. Please retain paper/electronic records for your evidence or you can use your CPD diary.

Some SPIN modules contain checklists that must be used in training, these will be sent by email when your application has been approved. 

Step 3 - Completion of SPIN

Once you have completed your SPIN module and achieved all of the competences required for the SPIN curriculum, you will need to gather your evidence that you have acquired during your SPIN module. The evidence can for example include reports, reflective logs, details of clinics, and any workplace evaluations. Please ensure that your evidence demonstrates that you have met the full range of competences for the SPIN module.

You will need to submit your compete evidence via email to the SPIN Team at

Once the CSAC Chair is satisfied with the evidence provided, the SPIN Team will be able to confirm completion of your SPIN module and achievement of all of the required competences. You will then be issued with a SPIN Module Completion Letter from the RCPCH.

How long will it take for my evidence to be reviewed?

This can take up to several months to be reviewed due to the high applicant numbers and CSAC availability.

SPIN competency framework documents

Please download and use the competency frameworks below to identify the requirements and competences that you must achieve in order to complete your Trainee SPIN module.

 Allergy (From March 2016)
 Allergy (Up to March 2016)
 (Please review these documents before applying for SPIN)
 Diabetes Checklist  (must be submitted before SPIN is reviewed by CSAC)
 Important please refer to the additional requirements listed above
 HDU Checklist (This must be completed  whilst undertaking the SPIN
 Infectious Diseases and Immunlogy
 (this must be submitted with SPIN application)





 Respiratory Checklist (This must be completed whilst undertaking the SPIN




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