MindEd Core Content Project

Delivered through an online, interactive, e-portal, the MindEd Core Content programme provides all adults with a duty of care for with children and young people with simple steps for mental health 'first aid' and advice about when to refer to more specialist help, to help speed up the detection and diagnosis of mental health issues. 

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The programme aims to provide a single source of e-learning materials, including content that covers the breadth of children and young people’s mental health, for both the healthcare and non-healthcare workforces.
The MindEd e-portal was launched in March 2014 and available now, providing a suite of e-learning resources, including assessment and outcome evaluation aids. 

The Project Team

Project Executive: Dr Duncan Law, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Editorial Lead: Dr Brian Jacobs, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Project Manager: Emma Palmer (Email, or telephone on 0207 092 6099)