MindEd for Specialist and Targeted CAMHS


The MindEd programme contains a wealth of e-learning resources specifically aimed at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) professionals including those on the CYP IAPT Programme (Children and Young People: Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). 

Over 100 specialist e-learning sessions have been written by national experts in child and adolescent mental health and arranged into helpful, easy to follow curricula, covering key areas including specialist CAMHS major presentations, systemic family practice, parent training and leadership.  

Targeted and Specialist CAMHS provides topics suitable for a range of people; from those entering specialist and targeted CAMHS for the first time, to therapists training to undertake specific therapeutic interventions, to those who are training for leadership roles within services. The e-learning is not intended as a substitute for face-to-face learning but as a supplement to it.

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MindEd Counselling


Specialist CAMHS: Entry Level

  • Introduction to Specialist CAMHS
  • Clinical Management of the Major Presentations in CAMHS
  • Managing the Mental Health of Children and Young People with Heightened Vulnerability
  • The Impact of Culture and Religion on Child Mental Health
  • Assessment: Multi-systemic Enquiry
  • Commissioning CAMHS Modelling CYP IAPT Principles
  • Digital Media and Young People
  • Parent Training for Behaviour Problems
  • Systemic Family Practice for Conduct Disorders 

Specialist CAMHS Leadership

  • Leadership Training

Specialist CAMHS: CYP IAPT Core Curriulum

  • Core Values of CYP IAPT
  • Participation and Collaboration
  • Routine Outcome Measurements and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Adapting Therapies within CYP IAPT
  • Core models of CYP IAPT - an overview

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MindEd: CYP IAPT Programme

Working alongside the CYP IAPT Team, the MindEd programme has taken existing components of the CYP IAPT curriculum currently delivered through Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and made them available, for free, through the MindEd e-Portal. This will improve the learning experience of existing students as well extending the availability of these vaulable resources beyond HEIs.

For more information about the national CYP IAPT programme, visit their website

Project team:

Clinical Leads: Professor Shirley Reynolds and Dr Brian Jacobs

Project Manager: Ian O'Donoghue email: ian.odonoghue@rcpch.ac.uk tel: 02070926103