College strategy, mission, vision and values

RCPCH is committed to 'leading the way in children's health'. If you are inspired by our plans and passionate about our values, please do consider applying for a current vacancy.

College three-year strategy - 2015-2018

Our priorities wheel illustrates the main areas of College work. As the diagram reflects, infants, children and young people are at our core. 

RCPCH three-year strategy 2015-2018: Our priorities

Download our strategic aims and performance measures (PDF, 436 KB) for each of our work areas.


To transform child health through knowledge, innovation and expertise


A healthier future for children and young people across the world


  • Innovative – Approach things creatively, embrace risk, view change as an opportunity, have an open mind to new ideas
  • Influence – Advocate for better child health, challenge positively, share best practice, work proactively
  • Include – Embrace diversity, ask for the voices of ICYP, work together, value everyone's input
  • Lead – Develop self and others, act as positive role models, act with integrity and honesty, encourage, praise and thank

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