Working for the College

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has over 16,000 members in the UK and internationally, including consultant paediatricians, community health doctors, trainee paediatricians, research workers, general practitioners and other medical specialists who work with children. 


The College is responsible for training and examining thousands of paediatricians in the UK and sets standards for professional and postgraduate medical education to ensure children and young people receive the highest possible standards of healthcare. 

Some of our activities

Our workforce

The RCPCH currently employs over 130 staff - a workforce that is undeniably its greatest asset.

Most staff are based at the London headquarters, but there are also offices in CardiffEdinburgh and Belfast.

As an employee of the College, you will find youself working across departments with colleagues from different teams and liasing with the broad range of health professionals that make up our membership.


Staff benefits

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