College structure

The Council represents the membership and leads College strategy. We have about 150 members of staff working across five key areas (divisions), in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.


Our Board of Trustees govern the College, and include the RCPCH President, Registrar and Honorary Treasurer.

Our Committees and Officers help set College strategy and direction, and comprise members from around the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

The Council is the members' representative body. It comprises the President, elected officers from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and elected representatives for trainees, SAS doctors, senior members and associate members. 

The Executive Committee is the College's main decision-making body. It comprises the Chief Executive and Directors, as well as the President, four Vice Presidents, Registrar and Treasurer.

Our governing documents are the Royal Charter, which was granted in 1996, the Bye-Laws, and the Regulations.

Staff organisation chart

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Staff structure

The College is organised into divisions according to the services they provide:

  • President and Chief Executive's Office - includes human resources & organisational development, children & young people's participation and advocacy and media & external affairs in all UK nations
  • Education and Training - includes recruitment, examinations, training and assessment support, education provision and quality and standards
  • Research and Policy - includes clinical standards and quality improvement, workforce planning, research and evaluation and the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit
  • Business Development - includes global child health, member services, events and digital and creative media
  • Corporate Services - includes finance, facilities, information systems and governance

The Senior Management Team includes the Chief Executive, Divisional Directors and Head of HR & Organisational Development.

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