Donald Paterson Prize

The Donald Paterson Prize awards a pre-consultant grade medical practitioner working in the UK for the best scientific paper related to paediatrics

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We are pleased to offer the Donald Paterson Prize, awarded to the author of the best article on any subject related to paediatrics.

The paper must have been published or have been accepted for publication within two years of 30 November 2016.

The article is judged with respect to scientific content, clinical contribution and presentation. The prize is open to medical practitioners who are registered in the United Kingdom and working in pre-consultant grades at the time the relevant scientific paper is accepted for publication.

We award the prize at the RCPCH Conference in May 2017, covering expenses for the recipient's attendance on the day. The winner also receives a monetary prize and certificate.

Donald Paterson (1890-1969) was a founder member and first Honorary Secretary of the British Paediatric Association. Latterly, he returned to his native Canada to become Professor of Paediatrics in the University of British Columbia.


Applications for the 2017 Donald Paterson Prize are now open closed.

The award will next be offered in 2018.

Previous winners

2015 Dr Sam Behjati ‘Genome sequencing of normal cells reveals developmental lineages and mutational processes’ Nature 2014: 513; 422-425

2013  Dr Emma Webb ‘Effect of growth hormone deficiency on brain structure, motor function and cognition’ Brain 2012: 135; 216–227

2011 Mr Nigel Hall ‘Mild controlled hypothermia in preterm neonates with advanced necrotizing enterocolitis’ Pediatrics 2010; 125 (2): e300-e308

2003 Dr A G Sutcliffe 'Outcome in the second year of life after in-vitro fertilisation by intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a UK case-control study’ Lancet 2001; 357: 2080-2084

2005 Dr Nazima Pathan ‘Role of interleukin 6 in myocardial dysfunction of meningococcal septic shock’ Lancet 2004; 363: 203-209


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