Dr Michael Blacow Memorial Prize

The Michael Blacow Memorial Fund awards £200 to a paediatrician at a pre-consultant grade for the best paper at RCPCH Conference.


This Fund was established when Commander and Mrs A H Blacow made a donation to the British Paediatric Association in memory of their son, Michael, a trainee paediatrician who was killed in an accident.

RCPCH members working in pre-consultant grades and presenting a scientific paper at the Annual Conference, and who have not previously won this prize, are eligible. Individuals do not need to apply for the prize.

The RCPCH Conference Committee considers all eligible presentations, and selects one individual each year. We will notify the winner shortly after conference.


For further information, please contact the Events team on events@rcpch.ac.uk

Previous winners

1981 Dr J G Watson -'Marrow transplantation in acute myeloid leukaemia'
1982 Dr M I Levene -'The diagnosis and incidence of cerebral atrophy in the neonate by real-time ultrasound.'
1983 Dr Janet Eyre 'The diagnosis of seizures in the newborn by continuously recording the electroencephalogram'
1984 Dr M Levin 'Pathogenic mechanisms in Kawasaki disease'
1985  Dr C R Kennedy 'Aetiology, pathogenesis and prognosis in acute unexplained childhood encephalopathies'
1986  Dr K J S Anand 'Should neonatologists be more concerned over the anaestheticmanagement of preterm neonates subjected to ligation of patent ductusarteriosus?'
1987  Dr Linda Lashford 'The development of 'targeted' radiotherapy to treat central nervous system tumours'
1988  Dr T H H G Koh 'Electromagnetic stimulation of the moto cortex; a simple and painless technique to measure objectively corticospinal tract function in newborn babies and children'
1989  Dr C M Evans 'T cell-mediated changes in epithelial cell proliferation and goblet cell numbers in human fetal colon: a model of colitis'
1990  Dr Peta Sharples 'Are children with head injury subjected to iatrogenic  ischaemic injury?'
1991  Dr A J Stuart 'Cerebral glucose production; evidence for disruption of astrocyte glycogen homeostasis in children undergoing major surgery'
1992  Dr C G Steward 'The impact of clonal change on PCR assessment of minimal
          residual disease in ALL'
1993  Dr R J Forsyth 'Evidence for significant glucose-6-phosphatase activity in
          astrocytes: a basis for local glucose homeostasis within mammalian brain'
1993  Dr Deborah Matthews 'Evidence for progressive cerebral mitochondrial dysfunction
          in severely head-injured children'
1994  Dr W Tin 'The changing prognosis for babies born more than eight weeks early over
          the decade'
1995  Dr P Heath 'Invasive haemophilus influenzae infection following Hib immunisation'
1996  Dr K J Lindley 'Nesidioblastosis - an enigma finally explained from studies of the
          KAPT channel'
1997  Dr J L Craze 'Outcome for Down syndrome children with acute myeloid leukaemia in the United Kingdom, 1987-1995'
1998  Dr E G H Lyall 'High uptake of interventions to prevent mother to child transmission 
          of HIV by women aware of their HIV status'
1999  Dr M Healy Characteristtics of infants of Hepatitis C infected mothers in the Republic
          of Ireland'
2000  Dr B S Ubi 'Efficacy of botulinum toxin type A treatment in lower limb spasticity in
          childhood cerebral palsy: a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial'
2001  Dr M A Herbert 'Signature tagged mutagenesis identifies new virulence genes in haemophilus influenzae'
2002  Dr R J M Coward 'Podocytes demonstrate features of insulin responsive glucose
          utilization and actin re-organisation - a potential explanation for diabetic
2003  Dr C B D Mayes 'Why is ALNA insufficient to meet the DHA demands of the preterm
2004  Dr J Tooley 'Xenon is neuroprotective when commenced after a hypoxic ischaemic
          insult in the newborn'
2005 Dr V L Franklin 'Sweet talk: text messaging to support intensive insulin therapy'
2006 Dr S M Hughes 'A novel immunosuppressive cell phenotype in Zambian children with
         severe malnutrition'
2007 Dr R A Chaudry 'Pulmonary arterial hypertension in children with sickle cell disease  
         how common is it?'  
2008  Dr Joe Fawke 'The EPICure Study: respiratory outcomes at 11 years
2009  Dr Ingrid Prosser 'Dating of fractures: an analysis of key radiological features in   children aged five years and under'
2010  Dr Paul Dimitri 'Low bone mass is related to reduced calcium intake and exercise overtime in obese children. The role of parental and social  factors'.
2011  Dr Carrie Williams 'Systematic review and meta-analysis of cancer risk in children born after assisted reproduction'
2012  Dr Laura McGlone 'Alcohol and drug exposure in infants born to mothers prescribed methadone during pregnancy'
2013  Dr JE Mant 'Understanding children's experiences of being newly diagnosed with cancer'
2014  Dr D Devakumar 'The phenotypic effects of antenatal multiple micronutrient supplementation in Nepalese children'
2015  Mr Benjamin Eder 'Delivery of a school health and nutrition programme for Kenyan children: a feasibility study'
2016  Dr Felicity Fitzgerald 'Comparison of children testing negative and positive for Ebola virus disease in Ebola holding units, Sierra Leone’