Fellowships and prizes

The RCPCH is pleased to offer the following fellowships and prizes. We present many of our awards at RCPCH Conference.

Currently closed 

Medical Student prizes - Heads of Paediatrics at medical schools invited to nominate an outstanding student to be our guest at this RCPCH Conference - nominations close 3 February

Foundation Year prizes - Foundation schools invited nominate an outstanding doctor - nominations close 3 February

Tony Jackson Memorial Prize -  A prize of £500 is offered for the best presentation given at the RCPCH Conference by a UK medical student or foundation doctor in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Applicants are asked to submit abstracts by 3 February; the best four, as judged by our panel will be invited to present at Conference, with the winner selected on the day 

Paul Polani Research Fund - RCPCH and British Academy of Childhood Disability offer up to £7,500 for individuals or teams to pilot, undertake, or complete research projects based in paediatric neurodisability in the UK

Honorary fellowships -  distinguished awards for individuals who have demonstrated, through research or clinical commitment, major contributions to paediatrics during their career

James Spence Medal - the highest RCPCH honour for outstanding contributions to the advancement or clarification of paediatric knowledge

Visiting fellowships - for leading paediatricians and child health specialists from low and middle income countries to develop their knowledge and exchange good practice in UK clinics

Dr Michael Blacow Memorial Prize - for best paper at the RCPCH Conference presented by a trainee

Examination awards - for highest scores on the MRCPCH exams