Deanery nominations for Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTAs)

We invite LETBs and deaneries to submit nominations for the national process for the PAFTAs by 5pm, 1 December 2017. We will present these awards at RCPCH Conference 2018.

Three categories

  • Junior Trainee (ST 1-3)
  • Senior Trainee (ST 4-8) (The Simon Newell Award)
  • Educational Supervisor

How to submit

Each LETB or deanery may submit three nominees – one in each category.

The nominees will normally be those who have been winners of a locally-judged PAFTA process in 2017.

Note! If more nominations are submitted by a given LETB or deanery, the judging panel will consider only the one most recently submitted in each category.

Citations should, as far as possible, avoid technical language and be understandable by laypeople. They should be a maximum of 250 words; we reserve the right to edit any that are longer than this.


Nominations must be submitted via this form by no later than 5pm, 1 December 2017.

Criteria and process

The national judging process be conducted with reference to the PAFTA 2018 criteria (PDF). 

Children and young people will input into the judging.

Person making nominations:

For example, Chair of Deanery PAFTA Committee

Person being nominated:

With reference to PAFTA 2018 criteria (PDF).