Tony Jackson Memorial Prize

The Tony Jackson Memorial Prize awards medical students and new graduates for outstanding personal reflections on any aspect of paediatrics. The application period is now open, from 15 November 2016 until 3 February 2017. 

About the prize

  The Tony Jackson Memorial Prize is open to undergraduate medical students and foundation doctors in their first post, who are in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The aim is to encourage UK medical students, and those just graduated, to consider a career in paediatrics.

The prize winner receives £500 for a personal reflection upon any aspect of paediatrics or child health experienced in the UK or abroad in the form of an oral presentation at RCPCH Conference. It is expected that many applications will be based on an elective period of study, but that is not mandatory.

The prize is supported by a generous bequest from Dr Tony Jackson, former consultant paediatrician at the Royal London Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. Dr Jackson was instrumental in the transformation of cystic fibrosis from a fatal disease of infancy to a chronic disease of adults. He was an active supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, which awarded him its John Panchaud Medal.

How to apply

The application period is currently open.

Applicants will be invited to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words and with up to three images. This can be based on a personal reflection on any aspect of paediatrics or child health you have experienced in the UK or abroad.

Our Vice President for Education appoints a committee of three to select the best abstracts and the winner. The panel will look for abstracts that:

  • include objectives and outcomes related to an aspect of paediatrics
  • show originality of thought
  • consider the implications for impact on clinical practice
  • demonstrate personal reflection.

For prize winners

We will invite the authors of the top four abstracts to give a seven-minute oral presentation at the UK Aspiring Paediatricians session at RCPCH Conference in Birmingham on Thursday 25th May 2017. Attendees' costs will be covered by the RCPCH.

The prize winner will then be determined on the day by a panel of judges.


For further information, please contact

Last published on the 08 December 2016.